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Interior retrim recommendations?

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She sounds like a keeper :)

Interesting, so that means it is a common type of stitching but just not for car interiors. 

Funnily enough my wife comments that the red interior looks like its made by Prada.

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43 minutes ago, Andyww said:

She sounds like a keeper :)

She is, and is a fantastic machinist and knows her stuff, but thanks to her awful parents lacks in self confidence, but I'm working on that... 

Having just read through this thread from the beginning, it would seem Lotus' trimmers failed to bond the white cord well enough, where the constant stretching of the leather from normal use has weakened or broken the white cords bondings, the ruckings on many cars seems to have moved from their intended positions, leaving most of the rucks gathered at the ends and flat spots in the middle. In hindsight the way to overcome this problem would be, A, to fully bond in by glueing a tape over the entire length of the rucking cord, or B, to use a cord that has the same elasticity as the leather.

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Andy, did you figure out how to secure the ends yet?

i re-did mine about 1O years ago now, on a single walking-needle machine,  using Mums soft furnishing expertise to create the ruchings.

IIRC, I left tails on both the white and red runs of stitching, then once the ruchings had been pulled in, tied all 3 tails off together. Would this method be available/suitable in your case?

What I didn't do was fix along the run, so it's possible that my ruchings may wander with time, but they look pretty good before use.


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On ‎12‎/‎26‎/‎2017 at 22:07, Andre' said:

Hi I am currently having my Esprit JPS retrimmed, and engine rebuild at SJ Sports cars Crediton. Been with them since October, will be ready end of January. Looking good, I will keep you updated.



@Andre' Great to see this car being restored.

I think you probably know why.




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Hello Andre,

Your car looks absolutely stunning, you must be very pleased with the outcome. Could I ask if you had the corduroy 

replaced and if so, would you know where it came from. I have been restoring 076 for a few years now but haven’t solved the corduroy issue yet



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Thanks anyway Andre, 

You are very lucky to have the original material in such great condition, my search will continue I have found a couple of similar cloths but I think you’re right about the original product

Enjoy your car,

cheers, Allan

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Allan, try Steve here

He does quite a few Esprits and has a supplier of an equivalent material so may be able to give some advise.



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