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Evora S battery

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forgive me if this has been covered a million times but I'm on mobile and at work. Can anyone tell me what battery is reccomended for the S as my battery has gone completely flat (was fine driving into work this morning).

my wife is coming over later with tools so I can take it home and charge it, but as its parked on road I don't want to risk using the emergency boot opener until I actually have to as have heard stories! 

Hopefully battery can be revived, but need to know which sort it is so that I can check my local place has one just in case.


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You may find the battery will recover fine but be careful how you re-charge it. Also find out why it is flat or it will do it again. The manual release for the boot is fine as long as you pull it steadily and across the floor of the car not upwards.

If it is completely flat then a charger may not even recognise it is there. In this case connect in parallel with another charged battery and leave it for half an hour whilst disconnected from the car. A trickle charger should then recognise it and start charging. Don't use a rapid charger as this will not give a proper deep charge of the plates as well as risk damaging them through heat and although it will give you a 'healthy' 12.6V it will not start the car. Don't be tempted to jump start the car either as this will have a similar effect when the alternator tries to recharge it.

Using a trickle charger will take 4 or 5 days but give a proper deep charge and in all likelihood save the battery.

Suitable chargers are not expensive, CTEK and Accumate are well regarded.

Crucially - don't rush the recharge from flat or you will damage the battery.

After recovery you will need to reset the door windows auto drop function (see manual)


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Right, gave the battery a nights worth on the ctek so will put it back in at lunchtime and hopefully it will still be start at the end of the day. If it goes flat again then the local place have a Varta E38 silver which will do the trick.

One thing I meant to ask, is that when I discovered that the battery was flat yesterday, there was a clicking from the front end of the car, does anyone know what this might be? I wondered whether it was just because the battery was going flat, or whether it was a fault which might have cause the battery to drain in the first place? I've not had any other faults or electrical gremlins before.

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