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On 9/24/2016 at 04:45, Chrisc said:

Do you think you could do anything with the base plate then? As its shaped, i take it a carbon plinth would be a nightmare, so perhaps vinyl? 

Hi Chris,

The majority of customers have had a shop do the install which is what we recommend.  Typically with a Version 1 install shops have just installed a simple Vinyl over the plinth.  The reason we stopped producing those was due to slight variances in the cars.

On a better note, your Mirror mounts are scheduled to be shipped by Friday :)

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To hopefully cap off this off topic bit about OEM mirrors that won't stay put, I believe the accepted wisdom is that if they do wander, then the fix is to open them up down to the ball joint and roughen that up with fairly coarse sandpaper. As Ryan's dealer found out, there's no "tension adjustment", it's just the friction of the ball joint surfaces that provides any adjustablity.

Segueing back to topic, the Motoworks mirror has a properly adjustable friction ball joint. Nice!

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On 9/14/2016 at 03:34, Chrisc said:

Just to note, that the V1 do not come with the base plates anymore, so perhaps some vinyl wrap just on that small portion. My car is black, so pretty easy to match. Though others may want the V2 so its easier B-)

Correct, the product we supply should not move at any speed.  Once they are adjusted in place that's it.

In all respect to the factory mirrors, I never really encountered issues, just the fact that they were an eye sore and heavy.


Here's ChrisC's Gloss Black finished mirror mounts going out today.


Edited by Ex Londoner
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21 hours ago, 550superfast said:

Please post a close up photo of the V2 on the car, I would like to see how it mounts to the car, and what it looks like fitted - thanks.

Gary, will do once I get back on Wednesday.

On 9/30/2016 at 11:45, Ex Londoner said:

Instructions coming your way via email. :)

Plenty of room there to mount screws into them.  That part is hollow intentionally.

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On 10/2/2016 at 02:57, 550superfast said:

Please post a close up photo of the V2 on the car, I would like to see how it mounts to the car, and what it looks like fitted - thanks.

Hi Gary,

As promised, here are some close-ups of the v.2  of the actual mount to plinth fitment.  We'll be applying a vinyl over the plinth over winter therefore you'll notice some blemishes on the door plinth due to removal of the factory mounts which are larger.


Image (12).jpeg

Image-1 (6).jpeg

Image-2 (5).jpeg

Image-3 (4).jpeg

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19 hours ago, Chrisc said:

My mirrors turned up today! 

Glad to hear it, did you also receive the mirror mounts?

On 9/30/2016 at 02:41, Xisthos said:

Really looking forward to this. Blasted down at around 260+ last night and I was horrified to find that my mirrors were practically in a closed position, like how you would find it in cars with automatic foldable mirrors! :angry::o

Just waiting on the mirrors and we'll have your set also sent out.

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Sorry, it was the mounts that have turned up! Just got back in the office today, and they are here. Mirrors are in the post office, but will be here tomorrow :)


If anyone is interested in buying these, then let me know! As unfortunately the Exige has gone, as planning on an Evora for next year. 


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I just received Chris's mirrors and V1 arms. Just for some feedback, the instructions are not very clear at all, verging on making no sense!

Also, the mirrors have "Wide and superior view by MRacing" written in to the mirror. I can see why chris sold these on. Ah well, you win some, you loose some. 

2015 Orange Exige V6

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5 hours ago, Chrisc said:

I was actually impressed with the quality, especially on the mirrors. Although the writing was a tad inappropriate ideally. They would have been fitted if I had a car to put them on :)

Sorry if you're encountering issues with the instructions, feel free to drop me an email.


Thank you Chris for your response to the buyer above  :).  The decision to place the text isn't a TransForged thing I would not have that text in place, it's the manufacturers.

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