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Visual Improvement

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That's stunning color on the Steve, what is it?  When you say movement of the mirrors, do you mean tilting up and down, that shouldn't happen or at least we haven't experienced that yet, you did the correct thing by applying silicone, alternatively adding a longer rubber grommet around the mirror stem would also do the trick.

If you have any questions, shoot me a PM or email anytime, glad to assist.

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19 minutes ago, Xisthos said:

Looking great Steve! Can't wait to get mine as well.

Mick, would you say that this is a typical experience for the installation, that it requires disassembling the whole door?

There should be no disassembly of the door, to confirm I also spoke to the owner from Italy with the Cup R so I'm a little surprised but no shape or form dis-crediting Steve, his car looks stunning.  Upon closer inspection of the photos, it looks like he installed the mirrors in the reverse order with the stems angling upwards (personal preference).

Since you had requested the mirror mount to mirror pre-assembly you shouldn't run into any movement issues.  Have your set ready to ship out on Monday, mirrors just arrived!

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 9.11.40 AM.png

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So @Ex Londoner, it would appear that @Steve Banks has installed them the "other" way up, i.e. left swapped for right. His are the only ones I've seen installed pictures of that curve upwards as they go further out. All the others curve slightly downwards. Could this have had anything to do with his install problems?

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Ok, well on my car the bolts used on the original mirrors would not fit back out of the mounting holes in the door, so no matter what, the door had to come apart. We also found that different bolts/screws were used in each door, so I may have been just been unlucky and the guy at lotus who originally put my car together was having a bad day and used the wrong bolts. (one of the bolts had 4 washers installed on it)

The guy who did the install has been working on lotus for the last 20 years, has done all my work installing the ssc upgrades etc so he know what he is doing.

In terms of installing them "upside down" I am in Oz remember ;) But really didn't have a choice as the other way round did not sit flush with the car and at the mirror end, the movement of the mirror was scraping and damaging the mount arm. The do look the business though, love them.


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2015 Orange Exige V6

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3 hours ago, Kristof Thys said:

Do you cover the visible hole?  If yes, with a vinyl wrap?



I sent Ryan some nice Vinyl in both Matte Black and CF.  If you like I can pop a set in the mail for you free of charge.

4 hours ago, Xisthos said:

Had mine installed the other day by the dealer. Since they're pretty well versed with removing the stock mirrors and trim, it took them only about an hour to finish everything. The other side was obviously much quicker once they got one done. Since then I have proceeded to tighten them up as per Mick's instructions by adjusting the 3 screws on each side. I have only gotten up to about 210kmh due to some traffic but I will have a go at it tomorrow. I am pretty sure that I won't be having any more high speed folding issues as I have tightened it as far as it would go, and at the maximum setting, I can hardly even move them to adjust! Of course you don't need to do it this much, but there's no one else who drives the car anyway so I would rather position it where it can't move.

These are much lighter, visually stunning, the convex shape gives me a better view and the bluish tint reduces glare. Most of all, it solves my problem of course! Kudos to Mick as I have hardly talked to any guy who could be more helpful and responsive. 



The mirrors and mounts compliment your already stunning Exige really well, thanks for the kind words!


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