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Dealing with small bumps and road imperfections

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I've owned the car for about a week and put close to 1k km on it. Been extremely happy and I can completely understand when people say that it is a driving experience that is both addicting and exhilarating. I plan to continue putting a lot of mileage on the car, but I noticed during my 2.5 hour drive last Sunday, that after driving more than an hour in roads that are less that perfect, where the pavement has "waves" and have a lot of small bumps, it can get very taxing and tiring after a while. 

The stock suspension of the Sport 350 is, unless I'm mistaken, the previous Race Pack option of Bilstein dampers and Eibach springs. Does anyone have similar road conditions to what I just described who have upgraded from this setup and have found it to be more compliant? I was wondering between the Ohlins, Nitrons, and Penske (from the US), which would suit me best as an option sometime in the future, while being very decent on the track as well. I use the car practically everyday and plan to track it maybe once a month. 

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Once a month is a lot of tracking! Lucky Guy! :lol:

I can tell you that I recently mounted a Nitron 1 way track spec and I am really happy. It lowered only 10 mm but in my opinion is low enough. Behavior is better on road and I dont find it more uncomfortable. Not test on track yet. 


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I've gone from a v6 with race pack to a Cup on nitrons. There are roads around here that have rippleson the way into roundabouts from heavy truck braking. On these and other short wave bumps the suspension struggles vs the old car but how it performs elsewhere makes up for this minor discomfort. 

On old bike (s1000rr) I had a bespoke online set up and it was like riding on a gold magic carpet, love to get that on the Exige but suspect it's a little tougher to achieve..

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Black n gold

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Dani, which suspension did you come from? Living with the suspension on a daily basis isn't actually the problem for me. It's the high speed runs over these surfaces in a span of 2-3 hours that have proven to be quite taxing! :devil:

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