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TransForged Wing Mirror options for the Elise and Exige

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1 hour ago, SteveO... said:

I'm ready and willing B-)

Hi Steve,

Here is the discount code: TLFfivepercent for checkout, this is available once so if others are still interested please let me know and I'll have our team generate more codes.

Matte Finished CF Mirror:
Version 2 mirror mounts:

Once received you should receive a confirmation email, typical turnaround time is approximately 4-6 weeks.

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8 minutes ago, Ben smith said:

Am i right in thinking that you have to buy one of each mirrors and one of each stalks so total is 1190 dollars? They're not sold as pairs or  as kits, each piece sold separately?

Hi Ben,


They are sold as pairs :)

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Ok it just confuses me because on the mirror section that it comes complete with the stem then there's a section where it shows the stem on its own, so everything I need will be 595 dollars? I'll order tomorrow when I get to work on my PayPal 

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3 minutes ago, Ben smith said:

Ok it just confuses me because on the mirror section that it comes complete with the stem then there's a section where it shows the stem on its own, so everything I need will be 595 dollars? I'll order tomorrow when I get to work on my PayPal 

The  stem is actually part of the mirror, the mount is the separate component.  Any questions feel free to PM.

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My mirrors arrived today.  They look stunning and are very light (I had a shock when picking the box up).

They'll go on the car in a few week's time when it goes into Silverstone for a service and to have these and a soft top fitted.  In the meantime; anybody want to buy a spare kidney?

WP_20170112_14_37_27_Pro (2).jpg

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So a few pics from my install this week... I'm sure there are better ways and dropping the bolts down into each door was a PITA but I couldn't find a way around that.

So start by removing the small plug and stretching the rubber around the access holes for the old mirror on the inside of the door. You will need to lower the glass to have access to the bolts. The 3 bolts that hold the mirror on are allen head, 2 of them are 4mm allen, the other needs 3mm allen key. I couldn't help the old bolts and washers falling into the door, which makes the whole process a lot longer :(

So remove the door interior panel, the obvious allen bolts around the trim (4 i think ) , remove a small plastic plug thing under the door trim at the front, on the bend (I broke these removing them, will need new ones). Ease the top of the door trim away (photo) and I used a blunt screwdriver to ease the velcro at the bottom of the panel apart, separate the window switch from the door, then the door panel can move towards the rear of the car, there is a catch at the rear which needs sliding out. 

By removing a few screws, the internal door release handle can be raised up out of the way, allowing access to the inside of the door where you will find all the bits you have dropped, hopefully :)  I had to reattach the window switch to raise the window for access here. Don't forget to lower it again for access to the mirror mount holes.

Next, prepare the mirror stalks.

Mick recommended 25-30mm long self tapping screws to attach the stalks , I had some 25mm ones, didn't really want to go much longer as I wasn't sure that the stalks had enough "meat" around any longer holes and I didn't want to crack them when doing up the screws. I measured the distance between the 2 lower mounting holes on the car.. 63mm I think, also held up the stalks to the car and marked the holes from the inside ( a bit pointless). I drilled a pilot hole with the drill bit set to 25mm from the chuck so I couldn't drill too far, then a 2.5mm bit drilled again.  I used no6 screws stainless self tappers, maybe I would use no 8 if I did it again, but the 6s seem to hold well in the stalk. I test fitted the mirror stalks at this stage, put the 2 new attachment screws through the lower mounting holes (I used a dab of blu-tack so I didn't lose the screws in the door) as the door is quite wide at this point. I removed the stalks for spraying and fitting with the mirror ends, leaving the screws in place with bits of card (classy!) 

I'm not particularly experienced with spraying, I wanted to see what the stalks looked like and sprayed them with primer before drilling them, obviously stupid, just wasted a load of time and meant I had to flatten the primer as the clamp for drilling damaged the primer surface. So don't do that :)

AFTER drilling, prime the 2 mirror stalks. I could have spent more time priming and sanding which would have made the final finish better, I have some minor imperfections in the paint caused by impatience at this stage.

I sprayed about 10 colour coats, ( I used matte black). I'm sure someone who knows about paint could add some advice here.. should I have used a clear coat (matte?) to protect the paint? Leave for 24 hours for paint to harden (I didn't, impatience again)

Insert the metal threaded section that comes with the mirrors into the mirror, I left about 1.5cm ish sticking out which seemed ok, and used threadlock to secure. Insert the mirror into the mirror stalk so that the threaded section appears through the central hole, check you have enough thread showing through on the inside to get a nut on ( I used a locking nut also, so 2) but not too much thread showing through as the mirror stalk is curved internally and you will have to get a socket spanner onto it to tighten from the inside. I used a socket extension and a universal joint to get the angle right to do up the nut on the inside of the stalk (pic)

Remount the completed mirror/ stalk assembly, I used some black sikaflex around the door end of the stalk (just a tiny bead) to seal the stalk where it meets the door. 

I then reattched the interior door panel (this could be done earlier but I was afraid of dropping screws inside the door)

I'm sure I have forgotten something, please feel free to add tips or correct me where you see fit. I just need to plug the old top hole and then all finished.







IMG_9366 (1).jpg







IMG_9389 (1).jpg





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12 minutes ago, alias23 said:

Congrats @mcx they look great... Must admit the install looks a ball ache so think I may look for some to do the install for me when I get round to buying these... Would I be ok to get them sprayed before taking to the installer? Still makes me chuckle how the 380 Cup is circa £80K but they couldn't change the mirrors to something like these instead going back to Rover parts department.

The main pain is the time to paint, and the reasonably unavoidable losing the old bolts inside the door. I think having the paint done before install would be fine, just needs a bit of time for the paint to harden so handling doesn't damage it. Let me know if I can help. 

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