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I have decided to post all the info here on my conversion of my bosch WUR to a Franken CIS system.

For those that have not heard of the Franken CIS, it is a special metering block that is run with a Microsquirt electronic controller.


It will use the CIS system but better control fuel delivery by using more data to electronically control the fuel pressure in the system.  I will post picks and things needed as I am going through this.


Any feedback or prior tuning experience is greatly appreciated.

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I am just getting started so I am basically acquiring components to get the job done.


First I bought the FrankenCIS block from dkubus in Australia.  That is the black aluminum block.  About $225 USD delivered.

Next I purchased the Delphi fuel injector you see in this block.  About $60 from Ebay.

I purchased the Fuel pressure transducer from EBAy for $20.

I am waiting on the fuel pressure dampener and gasket ($60) to complete all the necessary components to have this "block" complete.


I will post a pic of this completed fuel block and the fit to the engine in a few days.


There will be much more to come which will include the microsquirt ecu and the LC2 innovate wideband sensor, TPS, TMAP sensor, etc.

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This seems a very interesting system from a technical point of view. I can see Ferrari owners being interested in this because it retains all of the CIS system, plumbing etc and the only visual change is the WUR.

I would imagine a closed-loop control over the control pressure would considerably increase fuel economy and probably performance to some extent.

What I am very interested in is whether this system means you can get rid of the metering flap and control fuelling entirely by changing the control pressure. The metering flap is the biggest drawback of the CIS system as its reactive to airflow and so reduces throttle response whereas a full EFI system reacts to throttle position and has a pretty much instant reaction rather than a relatively heavy plate having to move.

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Hi Andy,


Thanks for chiming in.  I have two Ferraris and one does have CIS.  The Ferrari has a linear fuel delivery so this system really would not matter.

However, the Esprit turbo is trying to use a linear fuel delivery with a car that has a turbo.  Because of the turbo, the air intake temp varies as well as pressure.  CIS simply does not do the best job here.  Not to mention that the Esprit turbo has no intercooler, so the air intake temp can vary.

Therefore, an upgrade to this system with FrankenCIS will net more of a gain than it can with a non turbo Ferrari.  You are absolutely correct that EFI would be best, but I find this a very good middle compromise.  


With the Microsquirt module I will be able to read control pressure, intake temperature (Charge cooler vs no charge cooler), intake pressure (a big gain if I loose the wastegate shim), and wideband fuel readings to determine what is going on.


But first, I am acquiring all of the things needed and posting the slow process of putting it all together.


I ordered the Microsquirt controller and harness yesterday  ($369) and the TMAP sensor today. ($25)

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