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GT3 Refurbished Steering Wheel

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As my car is getting on at 18 years old, the steering wheel has obviously had a hard life and worn the top coat through over all those year to the point it was becoming very horrible to hold, with a sticky feeling when driving. Having slightly sweaty palms during the summer month doesn't help, even after a good clean it would eventually go back to feeling horrible to touch. I found methylated spirits to clean it up the best, but not long lasting.

I've looked at a few Momo steering wheels as a replacement, also looked at every wheel available nearly to buy on eBay, but decided my first move would be to refurbish the wheel and see how this goes before spending out on a new wheel. Plus I do like the GT3 wheel design so reluctant to part with it and the wheel is obsolete as well from Lotus.

I purchased this kit Steering Wheel REPAIR KIT from eBay for £11.95 and applied the first coat this evening. So far the results are very pleasing and I will give it a second coat tomorrow. The kit is very similar to the dye I used on my seats, but I don't think this kit is water based as it does smell slightly of solvent.

If it works or at least make the steering wheel last a little longer it won't be that bad for the price, Here are some photos of the first coat. I've even given the centre horn bolts a spray of paint to improve the look of them. The wheel was tight getting off, I had to use a three jaw puller to break the taper.

I'm applying the dye using the sponge technique of dabbing it on.

Before photos cleaned and ready for dye.

Part the way through applying.

After first coat applied.

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Second that Owen on the ebay kit been decent,  When i did my interior retrim on the s3, the steering wheel had worn and the the leather had gone from grey to black, Put that black stuff on with with the sponge and followed the instructions.  What difference it makes to whole interior. 

I am not sure how long the stuff lasts as i have not done any miles in the car since doing it, but even if it only lasts a while at that price you can afford to do it every year if need be. :)

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