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The Lotus Evora 400 Audio Upgrade

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Hi All,

Super useful thread and Thanks to JayEmm for the info. OK, as a new owner of an Evora 400 who is looking to have this audio upgrade done, any suggestions of a Audio Fitter in the Reading, Berkshire area (or an hours drive in any direction) who you would trust to pull an Evora apart to do this.



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I upgraded the amp and speakers in my federal Evora 400- essentially its the same strategy as JayEmm but using JL components.  This thread was incredibly useful.  I posted some notes about my experience here:

As JayEmm notes, the original tweeters are slightly larger than the aftermarket ones.  They fit using the provided  flush mount bracket but don't look as clean as I would like.  Has anyone found a solution for this- presumably some sort of a trim ring that would fit inside the lip of the tweeter would clean things up but I am not having much luck finding something suitable.

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OK, got my Evora 400 audio updated (finally - long story).

Paul: Thanks for the recommendation of Connor and team were awesome and I'm super happy with the install and the improved audio. They recommened a updated set of components compared to JayEmm's list - details below

  • Prima AP49bit 4 channel Amp.
  • Pro Hertz Mille 130mm.
  • Prima aps8r.
  • Stinger power cables & loads of skinz pro black sound deadening.

Sounds amazing. 



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