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Esprit Turbo project car - part3 - the further continuation

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I remember commenting about 100 pages ago that in the film  the bell boy never looked like he could fully open the tailgate because of the skis hitting the roof. Just something you'll get use to I suppose.

BTW I do hope you are going to get those bolts on the upper mountings painted in Copper Fire as well ! 

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Normally Aspirated - and lovin' it!

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On 25/08/2020 at 08:22, Lotusfab said:

40 mph! 
just tested up to the above speed. No audible noise no vibration with one ski fitted! Looks like skis on an Esprit are no problem with this design. There might be effects at higher speed, but it all seems rock solid so far! New tyres and Goodyear decals look awesome!AB432AD3-FB79-4B0C-8591-C1823CCD0FDD.thumb.jpeg.46b5db60c1db387911973ff5337414ba.jpegD0C5449C-970B-4C88-A5BE-5F27973BB9EE.thumb.jpeg.382911a19a077d1f3a26e5d492cae382.jpeg

Note the front lips are now Essex!

That looks gorgeous Fab, what an effort and an incredible result. Just like a perfect crosswind make it look so easy!

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40 minutes ago, Lotusfab said:

Great pic, but the front of the car is unusually high!

Heavy skis ? Or maybe he’s got a few pairs of boots in the back

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Only here once

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15 minutes ago, Lotusfab said:



Fabulous result Fab, great looking rear end! One small thing, second ski from the left, the binding is missing the cover on the adjustment screw....hopefully it didn't come off when you were doing 70mph.

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You know me Fabian......100 compliments but if something’s not right I can’t hold my tongue. The spacing in that number plate isn’t right. There should be more of a gap in the middle. I’d also say the lettering looks really wrong too, but the spacing is more annoying. Clearly if you’re not annoyed and happy as is then tell me to mind my own😉 Car is looking beautiful - a pleasure to look at from any angle and looks perfect now it has the racks fitted👌 Last thing🙄🤦🏻‍♂️ - you really should fit a new set of rear light clusters to the rear.....the right one always loses its colour first which I assume is from the exhaust - the difference when changed is incredible. I fitted a new set to my SD1 Vitesse when I had it, the lift it gives the rear is worth the effort......look how much brighter the actual ones were when the car was new. You can see the letter spacing here too. Sorry but perfection doesn’t come know that more than anyone😉👏🏻👏🏻

Rimmers have a stock of the originals, but they won’t be there forever.....




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