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Esprit Turbo project car - part3 - the further continuation

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I've had a look at my linkage and cant see what the problem is, so presumably its a completely different design.   There is about 4" of inner cable between the bracket & the carb linkage, but full deflection of the throtle uses maybe only 2.5" of inner cable.    The bracket is straight as a die and would not be particularly easy to bend as it's "L" section.   Unfortunately, I can no longer easily post photos to illustrate.   

Looking at the bracket, I do wonder if its reversible and possible to fit upside down? 

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This is what mine looks like. The bracket has to be bent across to the left otherwise the lever fouls it.

As far as I can remember the part of the lever which contacts the throttle stop screw hits the spring where it goes through the hole in the bracket.


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Well it's the same bracket.   However, I think your spring is different.   Mine has a much less pronounced kink - see where yours bends to bypass the cable trunnion?   Mine has a slight kink but completely bisects that trunnion effectively locking it in the lever.   Also I think my spring may have longer 'legs' as its in the same orientation as yours bur appears to be tucked further under the throttle linkage.

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Maybe that's why you both have the same issue!   To the best of my knowledge, mine's original and from a design point of view, it seems to make sense to perform a captive function on the trunnion.  Is yours a replacement part? 

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Mine is the same as Andy’s and Fabian’s. The spring fouls the bracket. I put a spring on the main spring to pull it clear of the contact area. 


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