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More ABS brake problems - 97 GT3

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Sorry to add another new post to this but yet again I have an ABS warning light on but this time it's different than on a previous occasion which was fixed by the local garage.

There are so many posts on here that I am confused as to what are actually fixes for the ABS (if any) and what are people taking things apart and trying different things or fitting alternative parts in place of the original..... Which replacement option actually works and is available?

The car is a 97 Esprit GT3 - not the V8 brake system unfortunately  

First point, the brakes have always worked but the feel of them is very woody with no feedback and the pedal is very hard but hit them hard and the car stops fine. Driven a later GT3 and its like night and day.

The feel of the brakes on my run around 2001 Fiesta is more confidence inspiring

So here is the situation.......

1. Turn on the ignition on and the pump will run for a few seconds as normal.

2. Start the engine and the ABS light goes out

3. Drive off and all the lights remain off

4. After about 1 minute ABS light starts to flash  

5. Within the next couple of minutes the hand brake light comes on solid and the ABS light changes from flashing to solid  

6. Brakes continue to work with the same feel and performance but I assume the ABS is off although I haven't had a chance to check this out braking very heavily. 

7. Brake lights are working 

I ran diagnostics on the car and got this so from my basic understanding it looks like everything runs as it should and then the system fails to pressurise.?

Any thoughts please.

From reading all the info on here it seems possible that one of the connections are bad or a relay has dirty contacts. If someone could post a few pics of the things to clean up or give a clear description of what they are and where I would find them I would really appreciate it. 





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What happens if you start car as normal,but remain stationary does the light still flash after a period of time  or remain off until you are moving ?  I'm wondering if its something like a wheel speed sensor ,pretty easy to check and clean if necessary. This thread on the abs system is like War and Peace, i think we need a definitive sheet on this subject from basic troubleshooting to tearing things apart  ,i'm sure people have wasted lots of money on replacing parts that haven't helped and just muddied the waters.

Simplest things first.

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