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Lotus Elise cup 250 exhaust upgrade

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Hi guys I have had my cup 250 for a few weeks now and really disappointed with the exhaust sound, it is like some people say, it make the car sound like a washing machine. I am looking to upgrade the exhaust so looking for some good advice. Been looking at larini and 2ubular replacements, can anyone tell me if changing just the back box, makes a big improvement and which one to go for, I want to keep the look of the big bore tail pipe. Any videos of cups, cup 220/250 with exhaust upgrades would be great.

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Looking for help with my new cup 250, looking to change the standard quiet exhaust which makes the car sound like a washing machine, looking at larini and 2bular upgrade, can anyone tell me if they have upgraded there's and how much improvement it as made

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Be prepared for a long wait for a 2bular well worth it though not sure how much different the Elise 250 exhaust is from mine but I had a Lotus sports exhaust fitted made by janspeed very noisy all the time and droned on the motorway swapped to the 8" re packable with the Helmholtz chamber through diffuser drone a lot better on the motorway considering I've no touring pack i.e. no noise insulation  but still a nice exhaust note and the further the peddle the noisier it gets where as before noisy all the time.

With theP1020573.jpgP1020571.jpgP1020575.jpgP1020581.jpg old exhaust it was 96 db at full chat in cabin.

Not tested the new one yet but its way better.

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Welcome to TLF Glyn. :welcome:

People wil be along to help shortly. Lots of folks on here have fooled about with their exhausts.

You should duck over to the Introductions area and say in there as well. :) 

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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Hi and welcome - as others have said go over to introductions and say hi  

Good to see Elise Cup ownership is getting stronger. If you can get over the price tag you soon realise it's the best lotus currently in production ;)

One of the things about the standard exhaust being quiet is for track use where higher noise issues are becoming a real problem.

I was at Donington yesterday and even there under the airport flight path they had a council representitive monitoring noise - even factory standard caterhams were tripping the meter. Brands, Bedford and Croft are all getting virtually unsuitable for anything other than a timid road car. There's even issues at Hethel now.

Worth considering if you plan on using the car for what it was designed?

Lotus Register -

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I've got the same issue - my Elise I'd love to get on track, but it has a Larini and the lower cam switchover, meaning it'd be tested "on-cam".... not sure of the volume but it's a shame the circuits are losing a battle against lunatic councils.

I used to live in London, trying to film there is a nightmare. You generally get about 5-6 minutes between planes, if you're lucky. New runway at heathrow will make that even more fun.

James Martin (JayEmm)
Director of Photography & Car Enthusiast

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I have a 2013 Elise S (S3, 220hp) with the newer 2zr engine.  I first put the 7 inch 2bular back box on it.  It was fun when absolutely on it (ok for Anglesey and Silverstone trackdays), but it was very Tiresome on motorways etc.  

i recently swapped to a full Larini system - 4-1 manifold, sport cat and group n (switchable) back box.  Wow is all I can say.  Worth every penny.  Even on the loud setting (slightly louder than the 2bular) it doesn't become tiresome at all.  The quiet setting is still quite loud, but I think it comes in at 98-100db at 50cm and 45 degrees, so should be ok for most tracks.  

Personally, the Larini tone I prefer, but It isn't an entirely fair test as my Larini has extra help from the manifold and cat.  The car also feels better/faster on the butt-dyno....

if you do go for 2bular, listen to the guy there and get the 8 inch.  

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