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Driveshaft worn / leaking gbox oil issue


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Ok - so I have the above.

As in - and please forgive me if I don't use the exact correct terms - there is gearbox oil loss.  It's leaking where the seals join the driveshafts (?) where the rubber physically wears a groove into the surface of the drive shaft.

SGT have tried the wet'n'dry emery method - no good

SW Lotus attempted a movement of where everything 'sits' - no good.

So - basically - I'm looking at 'full correction' as opposed to more attempts to stem the leak.

I would guess this means two new driveshafts and the capable hands to fit it all.

So here is the question(s)...


Are driveshafts available?

If not is there an alternative non-Lotus equivalent?

Is it a multi - hour job leading to .....

What sort of cost are we talking about.


I *think* I remember Taff saying that there's a 3 month lead time on ordering them.


Pedantry waiver agreement


Terms used above may not be exactly the correct in regard to actual names and procedure, including description of 'wear and tear'.



Thanks in advance for any help - I know this forum has a good collection of bloody good minds and I appreciate that.  God bless the internet!

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Both Taff at SGT and Steve at SW Lotus have spent considerable time grinding etc (with the car , not each other ). There places of wrk are about 2 miles apart which is handy.  If there was a method to make it work , they've individually had a go at it.

I believe that if i remember correctly - Taff said he spent a few hours on and off with pages of emery cloth .   Each attempt starts with success and ends with failure (which is actually a quote from enoch powell about politicians, so it goes).

Ultimately the 'full' way of doing the job is to replace those driveshafts.

I remember him saying that Lotus quote 3 months back order on those bits - and they under estimate.

I  can't remember the cost of the units and labour as my mind was still repeating 'three months ' over and over.


I think Steve at lotus tried the double seal thing.


I was just wondering if anyone else had to go down that avenue and how much?

And equally are the driveshafts actually re-purposed for the lotus from a different car (renault, vauxhall, etc) to avoid the lotus track altogether

Any help will     ....etc    ....etc

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Long time ago that Stimpy posted here Glyn. :coffee: 

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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Well - having driven it for a few weeks with new 'old' bits I'm no longer leaking.  So to speak.

Infact I was under the car 2 weeks back using rust converter on all the sites fr surface rust and without thinking too hard I noticed how clean two 'things' were before remembering they had just been put on.

Steve hinted at costs versus living with it and more or less said - a bit of oil dropped on the floor spreads quick and for the amount of oil that in there it can usually be safe but with a top up at each service.

So thats another angle on it

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Sorry about  not responding  Sorry for the lengthy come come back regarding the situation but Ive been off the roads due to to lack of money ( almost a year) however i found  on eBay  a pair of drive shafts on eBay and went fir the risk of them being ok.  I had to pay for then because price was very acceotabe.  They sat in my house for ages and when i got an  income due to finding work (hooray) they were the  first to be attended to .


What a perfect decision!  I have two professionals  work om the old ones in every way they good but it cost money to being told it wasn't quite right especially when it leaked  until a week or two.


I'm happy with the route I took.  Get your eBay  to show daily  Lotus parts and scan every post to east to west (etc) and crossed fingers/.

I might create  a list of obsolete parts  and make a parts bin- one by one

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