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Thought I’d get the thread going again. 
front tyres seem very limited now. Maybe Yokohama advan AD08 the only decent one but it’s a track oriented tyre. 
I was thinking of running 245 40 17 instead of the 235 40 17. Gives a better choice of tyre. 
has anyone done this?


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I went for the Nankang NS2R tyres Andy and they feel really good.  Good grip even in the wet and also great tread pattern looking on the wide rears from behind.  They seem quite predictable and can break traction at will at the rear (bit of throttle pedal 😂)  but in a controlled way .


downside is they are pretty noisy and they are really really stiff on the sidewall 

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On 06/07/2020 at 12:43, andyblackman777 said:

Presumably this chart is made up of personal viewpoints rather than any empirical data. So to me, unless it’s Max Verstappen or some other decent driver carrying out the testing it makes me wonder how accurate it is. It’s possible most would be able to tell the difference between the top rated tyres and the bottom rated ditchfinders, but I’d question whether some owners would notice the difference without back-to-back testing. I’ve long thought there should be a standard test for tyres in the dry and wet, and I used to go by the treadwear figure as a broad interpretation. By that, if it says ‘Treadwear 30’, as I’ve seen on some competition tyres, you might get a few hard laps of Margate town square in before they expire. Conversely, if it says 220, they’re gonna last considerably longer, but may not grip as well. As it happens, I bought PZeros for the rear, and Neova for the fronts and to be brutally honest, I can’t tell the difference between those and the previous Michelin Pilots which were a few years old. The hardest job is, as has been said, is finding the correct size tyre all round. I found the front Pirelli’s impossible to find last time, hence the Yokohama’s. 


Margate Exotics.

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