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Lotus Esprit Turbo JPS Compomotive wheels

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For sale : Lotus Esprit Turbo (JPS colours)


This is a 1985 lotus esprit Turbo in the right JPS colours,

The rims are changed to Essex esprit rims, (VERY RARE!) and nowhere to find!

(Essex edition was the same car James bond drove with in the movie: for your eyes only)


The car has just been serviced:


  • New carperts
  • New carpets inside the boot
  • Leather all been done
  • Resprayd body
  • New stickers
  • New Cambelt
  • All Other belts are new,
  • Carbs are rebuild and balanced.

Just look to the last picture thats a bill of the last service,

Car comes with owners manual that goes back to 1985. (when the car was sold)

The Old MOT. Papers goes back to 1996.

Car drives, brakes, and turns very good, just as it should be its a 1985 model so with the better front steering rack, and the much better brakes at the front,

The glassroof can be getting out,

the wheels are complete refurbished (have pictures of it) and they are also coming with the rare Goodyear NCT tyres,

car has driven around 85.000 miles and he wants to be driven,

bad point, Louvers must be getting reprayd, they are not so nice anymore,

(last picture is the last bill of service)


if you have questions about the car, feel free to ask just send me a e-mail. Or call me,

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Hi Guys,


i have this one for sale, if you are interested, please send me a message,

price is a little bit negotiable....

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  • 4 weeks later...

Still for sale.... Who will be the New onwer?


price is still negotiable...

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5 hours ago, Bazza 907 said:

there seems to be a fair bit of work required on the car

The concern I'd have is that he's clearly a competent mechanic, so it's strange this car is being sold without the work done. 

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Evora NA

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Doesn't look like any of the work has been done and priced as a fully fettled car. Maybe Tocus has had all attended to now?



I'll get around to it at some point.

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  • Gold FFM

All those items are petty and simply fixed. I'd be wanting them done before any purchase of what looks to be a great car.

comeon chap - sort those bits out - it'll make selling it far easier

Only here once

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If its the car I believe it is id suggest new hubs too as if im right I know they are re drilled 5 stud hubs with a very iffy amount of material between some holes.   Really would not want to see a failure when someone unsuspecting is driving it!!!!

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Thanks Guy's


this the last service bill:

all notes are fixed!



Edited by Tocus
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