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Evora suspension and other noises.

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8 hours ago, Stuno1 said:

Any update chap? 

Yep, got the car back from Hofmanns this afternoon. Turned out to be the spherical joint at the bottom of the upright, new one fitted & now perfect silence from the suspension. :)

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18 hours ago, mik said:

ARBs or ARB bushes?

Sorry yes ARB bushes


5 hours ago, Inkyfingers said:

So I've heard, but as my mileage isn't huge, I'm not overly concerned.

 Is this issue a result of having such a stiff chassis?

No idea why, but you would think a stiffer car setup would mean the ARB's move less so putting less strain on the bushes. It seems lubrication is the main issue so maybe it is a location thing where they dry out ??

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Are you referring to part number 3 (Deroure part page rear suspension) rubber mount or part number 2 drop link when you say ARB bushes? Sorry, non-native speaker (or useless mechanic) question....

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