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GFWilliams Purple, Slightly Modified, Exige V6

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So my car is booked in for a respray later this year in a new colour (not pink). It is one of those jobs where if you're doing a little, you might as well do a lot. I've been planning bits for months now, but in the last week it's started to come together (and get very expensive!).

I've bought new front and rear clams for my car, so if anyone is after my old ones please do let me know.  I'll be removing the old ones off my car in a couple of weeks I think, want to do a few last photoshoots before I take the car apart!

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I've been geeky and weighing parts from my car today...

Forged front wheel (single) with 215 Cup 2: 15.6kg
Forged rear wheel (single) with 285 Cup 2: 19.7kg

Cast front wheel (single) with 205 winter tyre: 16.6kg
Cast rear wheel (single) with 245 winter tyre: 22.8kg

GRP OEM Cup 360 access panel: 5.5kg

Front metal undertray: 1.7kg

Carbon Cup R splitter 1.7kg

Front clam (Exige S pre facelift): 18kg

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On 06/08/2021 at 12:44, GFWilliams said:

Had a fun drive yesterday with @BatMobile yesterday in his 430 Cup, doing an interesting back to back with my car.

I drove the same road with both my car and his 430.   Bell and Colvill had just done a geometry on the car and they did a brilliant job.

My car has 3 way Nitrons to 430 Cup specs, apart from the rear springs, which I changed from 1100 to 900.  At first when I changed the springs it felt absolutely awful, but I've since spent quite a bit of time trying different settings on the dampers and I'm now very happy with it.  Having said that, it was very nice to compare the difference in how the car felt compared to a nicely set up 430 Cup.

The 430 Cup had less tram lining as it has less front camber, but my car felt more controlled over the bumps.  On smooth bits of road, the 430 Cup felt slightly more controlled with less body roll before the car "sits" into the corner and finds the level of grip.  On more bumpy roads, I could more confidently push in my car.

Exhaust was interesting, my car has KT manifolds, downpipes and sports cat, with a Lotus 410 Stainless valved exhaust, the 430 has the Titanium exhaust. My car was significantly louder with more pops and bangs. The Ti exhaust is lovely, but felt a bit tame to me now I'm used to my exhaust...

Other thing I noticed was that the 430 Cup felt slightly lighter. Can't explain the feeling, but it just felt like it had less inertia to move.  My car felt like quite a lot more of a shove in the back with 460hp, makes me wonder if, with over 60k miles, my car is producing more than 460hp.

This weekend I'm taking my car to Wales. One last trip in yellow... 

Have you got the wider tyres like the cup fitted to your car?

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@Davey D- yes, Cup size 285 wide cup 2.

I am selling two parts from my car, a Cup 360 front access panel which I had painted yellow. Unlike various aftermarket options, this fits perfectly with perfect shut lines. 

I’ll also be selling a carbon front Cup R size splitter. It’s not perfect and if I was keeping it I’d get it lacquered again for more shine. 

If anyone from here is interested in either please let me know :) 


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@DangerousDave - Not sure why you'd want turbos... Maybe I'm getting old, but I don't want any more power, 460hp is plenty.

Someone sent me the service manuals a while ago, can't remember who, but they've been very useful in the last few days.

Some pictures of the progress, I'm still finding it weird seeing the car with no clams on:


And even more so, the rear clam taking up pretty much all of my back garden:


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