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possible upgrade

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I have been thinking the standard front brakes on my '88 are from a Celica of the same era.

it seems alot of the Celica guys upgrade with later Toyota brakes from a supra or celica , some as late as '99 four piston caliper and matching rotor, some state they fit straight onto the 70's celica with larger wheels as clearance is the only issue.


I have found some Calipers locally from a mid 90's supra with twin pistons which should surely be an upgrade, from just looking at them they seem like they should fit straight onto exisiting bolt holes, has anyone got experience of going this very inexpensive upgrade route? I am aware there will probably be larger discs required but they are fairly inexpensive compared to the calipers.


I intend to just refurb the rears, I am not after super performance just an improvement at a cheap price as alot of other work is currently being done on the car.





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10 hours ago, CarBuff said:



Waiting for info on the clearance issue. Need to know how big a wheel is required.


Good Luck & thanks for posting.

The older Celica Wheels are 14" which is too small but only just. It seems anything above 16" definately OK but possibly even a 15" wheel might be alright, luckily I have both 15 and 17 . I guess there is only one way to find out....



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