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Komo-tec clutch and lightweight flywheel

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Hi everyone, just signed up and first question - hopefully someone can help.

I'm interested in getting the Komo-tec upgraded clutch and ultra lightweight flywheel

Wondering if anyone has done this upgrade and what they thought of it; specifically engine response, acceleration improvements and driveability.




FYI: I have an Exige V6 modified to approximately 410bhp / 490NM - filter, intake pipe, HTV1900 supercharger, lotus sports exhaust, etc.


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Has your clutch actually failed? general consensus seems to be run standard one to failure seeing as its such a big job to change out but standard one seems to handle a fair bit of stick.

I was bored at work the other day and was wondering whether the Evora 400 has a different clutch to the V6? I figured out it had a different part number but that's as far as I got.

I'd be interested to hear more about your modifications as not heard of anyone doing the SSC route yet. Is it correct that setup runs the standard manifolds?


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Hi, Clutch hasn't failed (so there is no rush to do the mod), I was more interested in the lightened flywheel and how it affected the driveability of the car. Over here, the engine is pretty much regarded as maxxed out unless internals are changed so I was looking for other things I could do to make it just a little bit faster in a straight line (it can never be fast enough).

A chargecooler mod should be available soon but the supercharger sits even higher in the engine bay so the boot lid would need to be changed to the Cup R louvered version and as it is a lift off (as I understand it) I don't want to do that upgrade. I've also been told that the chargecooler doesn't bring much more power, just sustained power on hot days / track days.


Here's a picture of the modded engine bay. The bigger supercharger is a bit of a squeeze - the trim piece covering the pulley no longer fits.

Exige - HTV1900.jpg

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Nice bit of kit. what is the performance like compared to stock?

Komotec and lotus themselves in the 311 do a 460 bhp version of this engine. I know the KT is stock internals and I presume lotus is too.

I think I would be looking at manifolds next if I already had the SSC 1900 upgrade. that should yield more power and I believe it does a decent job of reducing engine bay temps too..

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Komotec has stated, 460 bhp is pretty much the limit without going at internals. They are working on 500 bhp with internal changes and JUBU has a kit for 55obhp (about 20.000 €)

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