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S3 turbo Duratec conversion

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I can use the existing manifolds, will make up a stainless steel system exiting through two silencers, I am hoping to get them out close to the centreline of the car rather than the usual positions, it creates more work to do that but for me its looks a little better.

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Not posted for a while as progress has been slow due to other commitments but back on track again now. I have been working on the exhaust system and got it tacked up this weekend, will fully weld it this week and hope to get the engine in the car in the next few weeks. From the collectors it will be straight into the silencers then turn down through 90 degrees then 90 again to horizontal and out through the 2 slots in the rear valance. Will post some pics of the finished system when complete




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Hi Steve 

The new exhaust system looks fantastic and very professional indeed :)

Conversions like these are never quick even when you get plenty of time on them, you always loose plenty of time on problem solving and going back to the drawing board on things.

If it was straightforward  everybody would be doing them :yes:

Look forward to seeing this car start to take shape, the chassis jig looks like a god send !



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Sorry for the poor picture quality, here are a couple more of progress, one shows some of the coolant pipes for the engine conversion, the other is of the fuel control system. Not seen is the Lotus low pressure fuel pump and fuel filter which supply fuel to the swirl pot.

If all goes to plan the engine goes in the car for the first time this weekend.



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Thanks for the warm welcome. I posted an intro here.

The plan for the car is:

  1. engine service & get it mapped
  2. refurb wheels & fit new tyres (thinking about gold centred wheels). I've got a set of Verdestine Sportrack 5 arriving next week
  3. fix the droopy drivers door
  4. tidy up the engine bay
  5. exhaust heat management
  6. MOT & drive!
  7. Make a little more headroom. I'd like to delete the aftermarket sunrooof which intrudes into the cabin head room
  8. fix up minor bodywork issues

I'm a realist however and fully anticipate burning all my budget fixing all the unforeseen issues I'll come across!


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I’ll be collecting the car from the tuners on Saturday, can’t wait!

I was lucky enough to watch Troy and Alex do their thing for a couple of hours.

She made 213 (flywheel) with the air filter off! Not what I was hoping for TBH as data dared in the Jag they make 240. I have plans, don’t you worry 😉

Enjoy the pic’s, I’ll upload the vids later when I’m on WiFi




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Bags of torque over a broad range so not too much call for worry on the HP front, I'd say. HP is a function of torque relative to RPM, so 213 rather than 240, if true, would describe upper range output in all likelihood. Lots of fun pulling through the gears on your way there, all else being right.😀

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Diary update just to keep things ticking along.

Feedback from the guys who did the mapping was really positive. They checked it all over and reported a few minor things as well as having to replace a cracked thermostat housing. Main items I need to sort are:

  1. Engine bay wiring and pipework untidy and insecure
  2. Heat shielding required around ECU and wiring in exhaust area
  3. Gear shift stiff and reverse not available - Any body know the best place to source new cables from?
  4. small oil leak from gear box end plate
  5. Brakes had no pressure under peddle
  6. hand brake no pressure

So importantly (given I knew nothing about the conversion) the clutch works fine and the wiring is all working fine, fans cut in when they should and even the cam phase relay worked.

Car is now in my garage and up on stands. Wheels are off and ready to go for refurb and new tyres. I had a right run-about trying to get a full set of Verdestine Sportrack and ended up with only one rear tyre and thinking I'd be able to get another elsewhere but was proven wrong! I now have two fronts and one rear sat waiting for collection to be returned to vender. Instead I managed to get a full set of Conti PremiumContact and even they are starting to get scarce.

Underneath looks realy good. I'll try to get some photos up at the weekend. All the suspension is freshly painted, brake lines renewed, hoses all new, springs and dampers new, calipers look to have been refurbished too.

Aside from the issues the garage found I need to:

  1. Sort out the droopy door - Any advice or links to threads or replacement part sales appreciated
  2. fit an imobiliser (insurance requirement)
  3. adjust the closure panel gaps and latches (eek)

I'm almost through the list of other jobs I promised my wife I'd get done before starting on the Esprit. So I expect to start working through the above list of problems soon and knock a couple of jobs down every other weekend with my goal being to MOT and shake down the car by the end of May!


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On 10/03/2020 at 18:22, Jonas said:

Any chance of getting a drawing for the bellhousing adapter?


I'll have a look through the previous owner's paperswork to see if it's there. He did all the hard work!

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Over the last couple of months I've ticked enough of the the major jobs that I was able to refit her wheels newly shod in Continental PremiumContact, lower her back to the ground and start her up. Video of start up Then drive her out of the garage for the first time since I got her back from the tuners Video driving out of the garage. The squealing is just the Aux belt which later disappeared with a bit of belt dressing spray.

As for the outstanding work I've:

  • Freed up the gear linkage and can now select all gears.
  • Got brake pressure (rear callipers were upside-down)
  • Adjusted the drivers door so it closes
  • Lowered the drivers seat (removed the ally spacers)
  • Tidied up and secured the engine bay wiring

I managed a short test drive (more for morale than anything else) and now the priority is:

  • Set toe using string box method
  • Fit immobiliser
  • Fit heat shield between exhaust and electronics
  • Improve hand brake
  • Fix gear box leak
  • MOT!



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  • Gold FFM
17 minutes ago, RawV6 said:

Fix gear box leak

Nice work.

Once you fix the leak tick it off the list

You can just keep adding this particular task back onto the list every couple of months or so.

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Only here once

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