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Thanks for the the info guys really useful. We test drove an exige 380 sport and the engine, brakes and overall experience was stunning. The standard bilstein suspension was absolutely bobbins though. Not enough compliance and you felt like you were fighting the car at high speed - some may call that a feature but I'd have to sort that out. The brakes deserve a special mention though, way more progressive and easier to modulate than the GT4. Also the engine note surprised me, there was very little noise below 4k but above that all hell breaks loose, it was epic.


Having done some research I think the Evora might be a smart choice and I understand the suspension is much better as standard @DJW your comments were very helpful. I'd kind of dismissed it as boring or flabby but seems I've misjudged it. I've seen a few 410 sports but they seem to be getting snapped up pretty quickly. With all the carbon they look lovely.


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If your budget stretches the GT410 have come down a fair bit now second hand and more chance of normal seats.  That would be my choice if I was looking now 

Previously owned :Exige 380,  Exige 350,  Evora 400,  Exige V6S,  Esprit GT3,  2-11 SC,  Evora S,  Elite 501

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I fitted one way Nitrons in their ‘fast road’ spec to my 380 Sport’ (actually fitted and set up by Back on Track in Guildford) was immediately happy with the change vs standard Bilstein suspension - in standard settings you get a lovely flowing suspension feeling on the road. 2 clicks up (meaningful difference) and you have fantastic control on track and still an improvement on road damping quality vs stock.

Was running with a 430 Cup and 410 Sport and didn’t feel I was missing anything in the corners vs their 3 way Nitrons.

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Taking the Cup on track for the my first time.

I'm after some advice re tyres, Trofeo R's fitted, the rears are down to 2mm, I have available a new pair of rears that I can have fitted if needed, would I be better fitting the new rears or using the existing rear for the trackday? 

Note, the trackday is a track evening so runs will be a lot less than if it were all day

Also what pressures should I be looking at on track?

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3 hours ago, Tony4147 said:

I have available a new pair of rears that I can have fitted if needed

Also, ideally, try and get a couple of heat cycles into the new tyres before you use them in anger for the first time. Their performance and life will be significantly improved if you do. 

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Did the TD with my old Trofeo and just had the new ones fitted to the rear. Regarding heat cycle, any advice of a way of doing this on normal roads, ie country roads / mway? How long for etc

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