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Hmm.. first dodgy experience with Amazon Prime today.

Ordered a phone case for my wife's new phone view Prime for delivery to a locker across the road from us. Delivered today, received a bar of soap.

Oh bugger, OK let's return it. Go thought the process, no option to return it via the locker, have to go off and find a Hermes drop off or a Post Office - which is a pain compared to walking across the road, which is what I have done every other time I've returned something (when I've made the cockup on an order).

Go on to the Live chat to ask someone why I can't return the item which was "fulfilled" by Amazon and delivered by Amazon to an Amazon locker. Eventually told that a phone case wasn't eligible to be returned via a locker, even though I wasn't returning a phone case :( They couldn't supply me with a list of items eligible/ineligible for return via the locker - so a bit pissed off.

Anyway - will return it via the Post Office across from work when I go back after recovering from the flu(ish) thing I am suffering from, and will look at alternative websites for purchasing now - already saved £12 on the case via ebay.




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Upgrade today to remove Google ads and support TLF.

Thought this was worth an update;

  • The Expanse Series 5 has been released (last episode today, so you can binge watch it). This is a great series, I'm watching AGAIN from series 1 (3rd time)
  • The Man in the High Castle has now ended, thought the whole series was brilliant.
  • Ghost in the Shell in currently on Amazon - Esprit content - also static Excel.
  • I went off Vikings once the main character was killed off, so I have a few series to watch still.
  • Goliath series 1 - brilliant, 2 - OK, 3 - not got past episode 1.
  • Sneaky Pete as for Goliath, series 1 - brilliant, series 2 - stuck on episode 1.
  • Ray Donovan - went to pay per view, so only watched the series that came with Prime originally - shame, I really enjoyed it - but not £20+ an series worth.
  • Outlander - interesting, have watched a couple of series.
  • Lucifer - Enjoyable
  • Bosch - I think this is tied with the Expanse as the best series on Prime, next one is the last unfortunately.


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  • Gold FFM
On 06/01/2020 at 18:18, Spinney said:

Started watching the new James May prog, ‘Our Man in Japan’ this afternoon. Very entertaining! 👍

This was quite good, though, I felt that they said they weren't going to do a generic look at Japan... and then sort of did.


I tend to find Netflix is a better watch than Prime but I have both and there are good things on both 'channels'.

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Just finishd Patriot and thought it was really good.


NOC (non official covert) agent suffering PTSD is given another job which quickly goes sideways. This follows his ic=ncreasing decent into depression as he just has to keep pushing through each hurdle.

Very darkly funny. Reminded me of In Bruges and Fargo. Much darker than I would expect for anything to come form USA with some laugh out loud moments.

Highly recommended.

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Escape from Pretoria. Based on a true story and very accurate by all accounts. Very good watch, gets pretty tense at times. 

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  • Gold FFM

So NOW TV didn't exist when this thread started, but if you want an excuse to subscribe, the 2 series of Succession are absolutely brilliant!  

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29 minutes ago, RobinB5 said:

the 2 series of Succession are absolutely brilliant!  

Completely agree. 🙂

It's getting there......

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