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Trunnion 74

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1 hour ago, Trunnion 74 said:

This is what’s inside the smaller 2” gauges.  No white just blue, and only round the sides

_DSC0252.thumb.JPG.889f7d361727eb5820aef23396049c9d.JPG  _DSC0258.thumb.JPG.fbb8888de96bf1d71e272d4c0bddd7d6.JPG


The faces are different, and care needs to be taken when removing the internals so as not to bend the needle.  There are two parts to them and the top can be levered off.  Taking the cap/s off makes it a lot easier when you come to refit the internals.


_DSC0253.thumb.JPG.48b669aa5adb129700390edfdcb14092.JPG _DSC0254.thumb.JPG.2054b4f35a9e6777c83231c40e697510.JPG


_DSC0255.thumb.JPG.e3e68e46679514f07974be4beeab8d83.JPG _DSC0256.thumb.JPG.7c41b31d39cc28c55676fc81640ebbd2.JPG

There is a white reflecting band around the top inner.  The back of the base has some white paint on and the back of the cap has the blue again.


End results



Rev counter and speedo


The speedo trip reset cable has been replaced as I managed to break the end of mine when I was liberating it from the dashboard.  Don’t try and disconnect it from the speedo from the outside.  The business end of the cable has a Hexagonal pocket which sits over a hex ended rod inside the speedo,  as you remove the internals it will disconnect from the pocket.  If you then twist the cable through 45deg (outside) then press the two clips on the inside it will pop out.


Time has not been kind to the faces, the markings are degrading and showing some smudging of the text.  Caused by damp??  I have not been able to find any replacements so I decided to get them clean by gently dry wiping them.   Sort of worked, they are not as good as I would have liked but then the car is 46 years old!  When refitting the glass there is no O ring, just the one for the bezel and the dash.




Onto the next job.



The air-con Unit!

Aircon/heater unit one of the early all vacumm type bit of nightmare for rust inside.

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On 10/03/2018 at 20:00, Trunnion 74 said:



We had been considering organising a caravan towing holiday to Spain and contacted Mayfield Garages to enquire about the feasibility of attaching a tow bar to PKF 10M. They could not foresee any problems; the works were implemented, and the tow-bar duly fitted. The subsequent test drive with our hired caravan was a great success.

We took the ferry from Southampton to Bilbao in Northern Spain and had a wonderful 4 week holiday touring through Spain with Gill and Barry Whiteside, our crash partners !!!  Plates 6, 7, 8,9 & 10 are taken from the last remaining piece of 'Super-8' Cine film (enclosed) which you will see shows the caravan being towed on the Southern coast of Spain at Adra.



A truly wonderful holiday; and it was on our return from this holiday that Mayfield Garages informed us that Mr. Carl Giles, the late Daily Express cartoonist had been in touch, having heard that a Lotus Elite, in the north of England had been seen towing a caravan ! we understand that Mr. Giles owned a Lotus Elite.

This was confirmed in one of his cartoons of the period showing, in the background a Lotus with its pop-up headlights held down with a criss­cross of sticky tape; to stop them inadvertently lifting; a common problem!!!

As you will see in the attached copy correspondence, I have been trying to get you a copy of this cartoon as one of my final memories of PKF 10M but unfortunately our enquiries with the British Cartoon Archives at the University of Kent have, at present, not been successful


One of the senior partners, of the local garage that deal with all service, repair, MOT etc. of our present vehicles was an apprentice at the Lotus dealer Cubley's of Southport and remembers my dealing with Graham Cubley (who has since passed away) and that PKF 10M was part exchanged and remembers when I bought the Lotus Esprit as noted in your letter 23rd February 2017.

Plate 11 is a photo of the Esprit in the Lake District showing a registration number AKC 855X, which was first registered 3rd August 1981.


If PKF 10M was sold in 1977, the registration of the new car would have been 'S', this does not fit in with the 'X' registration which was for 1981, some 3-4 years later.

January 2018


If you recall on the last page of my letter, I was left with a slight dilemma, that the new Lotus Esprit (AKC 855X) could not have been the successor to PKF 10M.

Diane, my daughter (in the red jumper) plates 12,13 & 14) was looking through photographs of her late mother and uncovered these 7 photos.  They do show that the successor to PKF 10M was my second Elite; KLV 187R.




I am rather surprised that looking at plate 15 (below) of PKF 10M, I cannot see the tow-bar although the aerial does stand out!




I could not confirm if the interior shots are of PKF 10M or KLV 187R (plates 16 & 17).






AKC 855X was to be my last Lotus, buying my first Porsche, a 944 LUX in 1984 from lanAnthony in Wilmslow; owning several of the models including the amazing 944 '2' Cabriolet up to 2005 when I swapped to another German car, a BMW 330 Ci Sport Coupe auto; a fine piece of engineering and which I still own and enjoy greatly.

So, there it is, a lifetime of motoring, I hope you enjoy the pre-history of your Lotus Elite. I enclose the original Lotus Brochure which you will note is written in both German and French and came with PKF 10M when I bought her. I Also enclosed a set of 20 photographs from over the years,        

with every good wish for a successful rebuild of your PKF 10M (UEC 502M)

Mr P Evans.


Hats off to Mr Evans, he did a brilliant job!   :unworthy:

Thank you.




To Mr P Evans or Trunnion74. I noticed the photo of Lotus Elite Reg KLV187R in the above thread. I have a photo of a Lotus Esprit Reg KLV188R. I took the photo outside Cubleys Garage summer 1977. Anyway, I thought I'd post it. I guess the 2 cars (Elite & Esprit) would have been at Cubleys at the same time. I often wondered what happened to the Lotus Esprit KLV188R. The last time I saw it was a few minutes after I took photo when Mr Cubley drove off in it. Chrisspacer.png



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Great restoration thread Roland. You're into some very detailed work.

I now know my car isn't the oldest survivor out there. I always knew it was unlikely, being as late as the 72nd off the line, but now I know. I might still hold one record though, that of the earliest registration with DVLA. My car was registered on 9th May, putting it 6 days before the date I understand was the official release.  - Unless someone reading this knows differently ???

I read your thread initially a couple of years back, and the great detective work you've done ( and the success you've had) prompted me to request details from DVLA in Sept 18 for my car.  BIG FAT NOTHING !!! I guess it's that nonsense (IMO) about data protection we all went through a couple of years back, but they've had a change of policy and unless I have "reasonable cause" for requesting the data, I can't have it. In short, If there is some form of criminal activity, or accident related, it's reasonable cause, otherwise , tuff luck. I also went down the Andy Graham Lotus Archive route, which threw up some new info such as date it left the factory, the dealer it went to "Frosts Ltd" and also the "original company", presumably the first owner (Craigway Ltd near Shoreham by sea if any one out there remembers or knows anything about them). Couldn't find anything out about Craigway, but Frosts still seem to exist so sent a letter off but heard nothing. - In summary, I guess I won't be starting a second career in Private detective work !!

Throughout your thread you raise a few questions, most of which I guess you now know answers to, but a few observations:

* Foot well vacuum tank. Drivers side is for the head lights. I presume you have another in the left well ? this one is for the A/C ventilation.

* Fuel tank differences. Very early cars had the short necks. In the 30 minute M50 documentary on Youtube, reference is made to quality control and aligning the filler cap. The operator states how ridged the pipe is making this very difficult. I guess they changed this design fairly early on to help production, but as we all know who've worked on this area, it's still dam difficult !!

* Door check straps. These destroy themselves, but if you are lucky, you can rework the passenger side for the driver side and VIsa Versa. - Although seeing the state of your passenger beam, there's probably nothing left to work with :(

* Door Mirrors : Your mirrors are not the ones it left the factory with.  Original fit were Cromodora units. Publicity shots of the time show them quite well. Sometimes they are turned in, some time out (turned in just looks daft to my eye). Your photo's suggest they were changed very early on in the cars life though. Could it be the first owner didn't like them and got the dealer to change? At least it looks like you might still be able to ask the questions.

* Gear lever "seat". Nothing like this on my car, just a nylon ball socket.

* Carbs. I'm sure you are aware, your photo's of the car when you got it don't show the air cleaner box. I don't believe there's a cork gasket between the carb body and the trumpet. The trumpet sits inside the air box, and to my knowledge, the fibreglass just sandwiches between the two parts. Again, sure you already know, but if originality is what you're after, the air box halves were held together with nuts and bolts on the earliest cars like ours, latches on the later ones. The early ones self destruct and getting to the fasteners at the bottom is close to impossible !!

Finally the stuff that's rarer than rare Rocking horse ****. You have photographed the B post end top door plastic trim. Did you have a trim at the A post end? I have an example ( first photo), which I've thought for  while now needs scanning and a 3D print model creating ( I don't have a pattern for the one you have). Hopefully we can assume that the opposite side is a mirror image .... but then this is a Lotus so many be not !!! . We'll should pool resources on the forum and work something out ( best example of each part, scanning knowledge and printer access). 3D printing gets more common by the day, so I assume if we wait long enough, we'll be able virtually do this at home for almost nothing !! Also attach a photo of the Tail gate catch cover ( poor condition, but better than nothing) and the seat corner trim ( not sure if these are in such short supply, but they are made from the same brittle plastic and these two are probably as good as you'll find).



Door and boot plastics.jpg

Seat plastics.jpg

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Hi Tony, 

Yes I got lucky with the DVLA my request was before the new GDPR regs came in, just.  The door mirrors I've not been so lucky with.  Some came up on Ebay recently and I put what I thought was a winning bid in.  It was up until the very last second when I was outbid!  They went for over £100.  So the hunt continues for those.  I know what you mean about them being either up or down.  If you look at this photo they are up. This photo was taken shortly after Mr Evans purchased the car and they were still on after the crash and when he went caravaning on the continent.  Owner No4 pictures show different mirrors.  So they were swapped by owner 2 or 3.  The other thing about this photo is, almost everywhere i've read says that the early cars always came from the factory with black sills.  This one didn't!


I do have both Vac tanks and you have just answered a question for me :thumbup:.  Thanks

Although none of the pictures show an airbox I do have one but I don't know if it is salvageable yet as it's damaged on the inside face where it bolts to the carbs.  I don't have the striker plate cover or a usable striker plate yet. I only have the B post end door cap.  I was thinking the sameas you about the door caps etc .  Small plastic things would be ideal 3D printer material.



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Bodywork day 2

Sanding the front panel came across a skim of filler all the way across. They went to a lot of trouble to get it smooth considering a lot of it is hidden behind the bumper.



Almost there.


Day 3

wing almost sanded.  It's hard work getting 11 layers off!



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Day 4

O/S wing finished and N/S done.


Started on the engine bay, seems to only have 4 layers of paint.  But by God are they hard to get off!!  We have come to the conclusion that years of engine bay heat may have baked the paint on.


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4 hours ago, EXCEL V8 said:

Great progress.  Who's going to do the spraying?  What colour?


Hi Pete

A guy called Anthony at Rust Republic :respect:, Just outside Nottingham.  I've known him for years it'll be a joint effort, but mainly him :whistle:.

The original colour for the car is listed a Cirrus White, which going by what's underneath the wheel arches, appears to be a crisp, clean white? so that is what it will be.


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