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Elise leaking windows

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Hi, just thought id share what ive found incase it might help anyone else. Ive had my elise s2 2006 a few weeks, it leaked in 5 different places! I searched the internet for a fix, it solved 4 of the leaks with a combination of these different fixes. The final leak was caused by something i havent seen mentioned on here anywhere. Ill list the fixes below in case anyone else searches for a solution to the problem.

1- pretty obvious, leaked at the front roof by interior mirror, tightened the tensioning wire in the soft top.

2- Adjust window tilt using the adjuster screws on the bottom of the doors, just wind them in or out to adjust against the seal.

3- Loosen the door stryker, which is the part attached to the car that the door latch catches onto, loosen the bolt and move it inwards a little for a tighter door seal, mine only moved a few mm but it helped.

4- Check for any algae on the channel of the seal that sits at the very outward part of the top of the door, this is the part that you can squirt water down and see it drop out the bottom of the door, there are two metal channels sticking out underneath. 

5- The channel mentioned above seems to get pinched and very slightly closed stopping smooth water flow if your windows are over adjusted too tightly, which is what i first did to try and stop the leaks! I believe this may be the cause of so many problems, moving the door striker in, and the window off just enough to be making a seal, then cleaning algae out fixed all my problems. Hose pipe on full, no leak!

Hope this might help somebody

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