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Komotec 460 or SSC TVS1900?

Komotec 460 or SSC TVS1900 Ugrade?  

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2 hours ago, Mattmahope said:

@Maxi_z sounds great! Similar power to mine.

What ECU do you have?

What rods and pistons are you using?

Have you made any changes to the valvetrain?

It s a cup R so the original ECU is a Lotus Motorsport ECU ( based on the standard one ) that is already specifically mapped for the use of the Xtrac sequential gearbox and I think without any torque limiter and then It was remapped for the TVS1900

Pistons were fitted last year and are from wiseco ( not their latest spec as lately wiseco made a slight design change ) and I think the rods are Carillo

The valvetrain and head are standard except the valve springs just for reliability  and the head gasket


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6 hours ago, tim_marra said:

AFAIK the CC'd TVS1900 does not fit the Evora engine bay? I don't know how much bodywork 'fettling' it would take to get it to fit?

It definitely does fit in the Evora. BoE in the US did all the development work for the Evora platform. SSC in Oz did. the work for the Exige. The Harrop design is smart as it has the rad next to the supercharger (not a sandwich design) and angled to sit as low as possible. It looks fantastic installed - very OEM - but it does take up some rear visibility when compared to the standard Harrop charger.

You can see here how the radiator part is slanted so it follows the natural “roofline” of the rear hatch.


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10 hours ago, tim_marra said:

My query related to the Evora though, I don't think the cc version fits the Evora?

Yes it does. As I said, BoE developed it specifically for the Evora, and you can see from my picture how the design allows installation in a tight space.

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16 hours ago, DangerousDave said:

Why are all the aftermarket pistons for this v6 engine high 10:1 why not 9:1 or 8.5:1 with more boost?

You can get low compression pistons from Wiseco but there is no need. Can have plenty of boost with standard compression, which gives more power and response.

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