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Komotec 460 or SSC TVS1900?

Komotec 460 or SSC TVS1900 Ugrade?  

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I've had the SSC TVS1900 installed for the last 6 months. I can tell you that 0-100kph is around the 3.2 second mark (a better driver may even get quicker), it's a monster off the line (if you really floor it you can have wheel spin all the way through 3rd - 4th gear). It does struggle however on warmer days (I'm talking 30oC plus) or extended track periods due to heat build up. You can noticeably feel the ecu limiting power. 

I've had no issues with it and would do it again in a heartbeat, I have actually had it done on both Exiges that I have owned. In saying that, I do know of at least 2 other guys that have had their engine go kaput and needed a full rebuild. Not sure how hard they were pushing the car or if the upgrade was responsible, but one of them was a track workhorse.

I also noticed after the ECU tune that comes with it that the car idles so much better and my fuel consumption has also reduced by around 10%. I'm now looking at the intercooler option if SSC would ever respond to me. (I was also looking at upgrading the rear wing but it's now been 4 months and I'm getting no-where). 

Since SSC became the official lotus distributor in Australia, they have really been struggling to communicate. I'm not sure if others have had the same issue, but they just don't respond. Ordering spare parts etc is ok through the dealer network, but getting any custom work done or any type of response/eta on other work is like pulling teeth. 

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2015 Orange Exige V6

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Maybe somewhat off topic, but does anybody from the KT or SSC/TVS1900 camp have any idea on how the AFR is at WOT?


Bone stock, the car is running *really* rich, as in 10:1 WOT near redline; and I understand it's to keep the piston crowns cool under boost, but it must be killing quite a lot of ponies too? 


There are MR2 guys running these 2GR-FE and even the FSE engines with a tune at around 11.5:1 - 12:1 AFR at WOT near redline and adding 40 horses over the stock tune...

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Getting the work done by Murray in Edinburgh. They're installing harnesses and converting the car for use with a soft top too.

Euro trip planned for August this year, Spa, Nurburgring, Hockenheim, Swiss Alps all planned. Want to have the car prepped in plenty time.

Headers and sports cat also going on the car before then. I'm hoping the power should be up towards the 450-460 mark.

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Already got the 2bular race silencer on. The headers and cat will either be 2bular with a custom map, or SSC's when they become available (6-8 weeks time) with their map specifically for the new headers and TVS kit.

I'm as yet undecided on this part. Some more research required.

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Yes I bought it from them, but at that time (almost a year back :sofa:) they did not have a suitable map to go with the 2Bular system. They then said they could send me a more safe map. What is one of the reasons I waited with the install till they would have a suitable map.

As far as I know SSC is the only suplier for the tvs1900 by the way.

In the mean time I allready started on making a heat shield to keep the inlet air as cool as possible.


IMG_20151202_182415 (Small).jpg

IMG_20170220_142612647 (Small).jpg

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On 20/02/2017 at 12:52, toshers said:

Great stuff, there will be a few systems installed on our cars shortly.

All very interesting when read with the other topic of buying a 380 or upgrading the V6S/350.

Are you having a pre and post power run on a rolling road?

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@550superfast: just realized you are bringing the beast to Spa. I just signed up as well this morning.

Will hopefully have my AIM race display by then AND I have a box and 2 spaces left at the moment ... if you want to share in on the box just let me know ???

Btw sounds like KT will be there again also testing the EX460 / EX500 (?!?!?) with a new track aero kit ...

Will be an interesting day ...

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