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Im after a cat backwards silencer just to give it a nicer sound. ve had a search through previous posts and come to the conclusion 2bular seems to be preferred choice and has a deeper sound. I phoned around a few local lotus places and they only supply Larini, so ill have to purchase the exhaust directly and get them to fit it. I have a 2006 elise s, toyota engine. Im not sure which model even matches my car lol? A better explanation next to the abbreviations on their website wouldnt go amiss. Whats the SC? Sports cup? Whats difference between s1zzfe and s2zrfe?

On another issue, the Larini supplier warned me that some lotus elise cars will throw up engine fault light when you change the exhaust, anyone have any experience of this using either exhaust system?


Lotus Elise

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SC = Supercharged

Those are engine codes relating to the different engines Lotus used. I believe yours is the 1ZZ-FE.

I have a Larini exhaust on my Elise, I need to measure the noise because I think it may be too loud for track use, which would be a shame.

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Previously I had a Larini Club Sport fitted to my old S2 111S and combined with an ITG induction kit it was pretty loud almost regardless of throttle position. Now I have a 2bular fitted to my S3 Sport 220. Although they are completely different engines (so I'm not really comparing the same fruit here) the 2bular is much more refined. The resonance is more related to the throttle position, which makes sense really when you think of the air/gas flow into and out of the engine. This means that with the 2bular it is possible to drive the car quietly, but when you take the revs over 3500 it comes alive. Also you get more pops and crackles on the overrun with the 2bular tan the Larini.

Also Bell and Colvill only fit 2bular ;-) 

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