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1980 2.2 Eclat - Looks great

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This Eclat does look very nice, but I would have thought it appropriate to show engine bay photos as well. I would also have to question the quality of the MOT station used as the vendor states that the speedo has not worked for some time, but the car has just sailed through an MOT. Part of the MOT requires a Speedometer to be in good working order. What else might they have missed or turned a blind eye to?  I do feel that this car could be a bargain for someone as they are far superior to a lot of the tin worm riddled classic cars out there at far higher prices.

good luck to the vendor


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Hi Nick, I beg to differ on your comment "no tester takes takes a car on the road"  my Land Rover is always taken out for a test drive to check the brakes as it is permanent 4 wheel drive and their brake test rollers are only suitable to test 2 wheel drive vehicles. They also drive the vehicle from where I park it in their garage courtyard onto the test ramp this small distance is enough to indicate if a speedo is working, admittedly this would not indicate if it was accurate or smooth. I would also think that there would normally be movement of the speedo when checking the brake performance on the rollers.

Sorry to be pernickety but I do feel that this is something that can be checked and could be indicative of how the rest of the test was carried out. 

Regards Dan

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now now gents , wether the mot tester is bent or was so stunned at seeing a superb example of a rare ( on the road ) Lotus that we all love , and completely forgot the speedo check , isnt the point . This is a stunning looking car . I have a s2 eclat and when i get around to restoring it , was always going to have it painted that lovely metalic light green , but having seen these pictures , I think red is the way to go .

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17 hours ago, biggee said:

Best looking éclat I have seen

Really !?!? You need to come to the festival and a few meets. :)

That's is a long way from being the best Eclat I have seen.

Dis-coloured vinyl graphics, seat stitching split on the drivers side, chunk out the paint/fibreglass near the nose, scruffy wheels with no centrecaps, dis-coloured interior varnish, chrome windscreen trim lifting, rubber liner hanging off on the front spoiler, rear window plastic trim lifting, drilled or marked dashtop...

It is probably a good useable S2, but let's not build it into something it is not, as a quick glance at the pics shows it could do with some tlc.

Also, no engine bay shots and no headlining shots.

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Dunc ,

Yes I definitely need to go to some shows and meets , probably missed the boat this year . Went to the ragley show on the Monday only to be all told  the lotus boys were there on sunday . Just Charlie crockers elite and an esprit with an alfa engine there on sunday . I just thought that s2 in the that colour looked lovely . Yes after revisiting the pics  and looking carefully it is not perfect , I attended a few local car shows hoping to see some eclats etc but nothing .I will be honest  Apart from my little collection of projects I have only seen one of our lotus's in the flesh , An Elite that I chased and caught on the a45 , and posted a pic on spotted .I got a lotus enthusiast book for my birthday and it contained a few pics of the same car . I think your car is in it too ? .

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13 hours ago, biggee said:

I got a lotus enthusiast book for my birthday and it contained a few pics of the same car . I think your car is in it too ? .

Yes, the photographer seems to have taken lots of pics from Brands Hatch a few years ago. I was in no way suggesting that mine is better - my eclat is probably scruffier than that red one, but there are some lovely ones out there.

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