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Stormforce Plus Outdoor Cover Review

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Heres a quick few pros and cons of the cover i recently bought.

Pros:- fits great, comes with a rape alarm in case someone tries to rape your car or cover

Cons:- makes the car soaking wet even when it hasnt rained

I followed instructions to the letter, car was cleaned spotless and dried before putting cover on, didnt overtighen straps so air can circulate. After being on for a week i pulled back the cover to find inside of cover and bodywork soaking wet, by comparison my other car which sits next to it on the drive UNCOVERED was bone dry! 

It was 2pm and goes darl at 4pm with a temperature high of 4 degrees and possibility of freezing overnight. The picture attached is taken at 3pm after having the opportunity to dry out all day. There seemed no chance the cover would dry out before dark and i did not want the water to freeze and rub against the paint. I removed the cover and brought it inside, took a full day to dry out, i emailed the supplier telling them what had happened and expressed my concerns that i cant see how i can do anything different to stop this happening again.

I did receive a reply, saying its condensation and to be expected and unavoidable between autumn and winter. Im very disappointed as the advert says this is an all season cover long term cover, after buying it im then told it will make my car wet and hold the water against it for a week even when it hasnt rained. 

Ive decided the car is better off being left uncovered and wouldnt recommend the cover unless its for a car parked under trees etc, i thought i would share my experience in case anyone else is concidering using these covers for autumn-winter 

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With the Stormshield ones we sell, which I believe is different to yours, ideally you'll leave it somewhere where there's a bit of sunshine at some point. In the mornings, my cover steams as it absorbs the smallest amount of heat and dries. Also, pop a dehumidifer of sorts in the car, I use the leg of a pair of tights filled with crystal cat litter which does the trick nicely. 

Sadly with nothing under the car, and it's wet, it'll get some moisture inside. The only way to stop this is to live in Spain, have a garage or use a carcoon. 

Rape alarm sounds epic, you can't be too careful :lol: 

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