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On the topic of belts again. 
whilst under my car I used a fabric tape measure to measure my belt 59.3mm. I also measured the belt I could buy and lo and behold it’s too small. So I counted the number of teeth on bought belt and divided into the length. The number I then divided into my belt length. Near as dam it 61 teeth. Got on internet and found a 61 tooth timing belt with correct pitch for the teeth. Arrived today and measured 59.5mm! It’s 20mm wide so will need to be cut professionally to 16mm which won’t be a problem. Has anyone else done this? J 


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Lovely - but really love that first one😍😎

I know I really shouldn’t but couldn’t resist - took these B&W photo last week. Being the first Wet Sump hopefully you’ll excuse me😉




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A rare one up for sale in Australia.

It must be the last factory FYEO domestic cars left in the wild with all the good bits? Chassis number 11068.

Has everything except Compomotive wheels from the factory. (roof stereo, full gold leather)






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On 13/06/2020 at 13:41, Lex Templar said:

My guess is chassis 10311 - Export LHD at the Geneva motor show.

LHD FYEO Spec..for me it doesn't get any better than this.

First pic via



where can i do a PX with my Silver Esprit Dry sump #951,


i also will pay more ofcourse! where is this car?!

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@Tocus this car hasn't been sighted as far as I'm aware, it definitely would be one for you.


There was also Export RHD #0940 in white/brown full FYEO/Essex Spec, also not sighted again from @Veilside's list. Andy Graham confirmed it was delivered to Hong Kong new.

So we have in 1980 white and brown #0928 (DOM RHD), #0940 (EXP RHD), #0953 (DOM RHD), #0954 (DOM RHD), #10311(EXP LHD).

Only #953's whereabouts is known.

We know #928 White Heat was scrapped.

Still searching for the others.

The 3 x MY81 white/brown cars are known, owned by @wolflyn@GJones and Martin Williamson.



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i really like this topic, hopefully we will find them all! (all the cars who still exist ofcourse)

and maby some more pictures from the past with compomotives under the cars







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