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Hi all,I've replaced front discs and bearings and am changing pads using APEC 395(? Not at home).Cant get outer ,inner and 20mm disc thickness to fit.It could be that the cylinders are still partially seized on the top and bottom sliding pins.These pins are clearly specially coated but when cleaning the top pin hole it did not seem to be coated,is this the case?To use the car I used the old worn outer pads.Can I push out the bottom pin completely to thoroughly clean it and does it go back easily,does this effect the rubber bellows?When braking very hard the car pulls to the right.   I have added a lot of tips to my workshop manual for doing these jobs with parts from SJ ,except the pads,they did not have the refurbishment kit in stock.Any help with these 2 questions greatly appreciated 

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Hi all,to answer my own questions.SJ told me the holes are not specially coated.I have removed the bottom sliding pin completely by tapping with a small hammer,cleaned it up,greased it and replaced it with no damage to the rubber.The car still pulls to the right,which it didn't do before.I used a G clamp to push back the cylinders but no air should have entered as they are not leaking .Any idea what could have happened? Could I have disturbed the anti roll bar to cause this?

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You say 'the car still pulls to the right, which it didn't do before'?

That is a bit confusing. I would suggest if the car is pulling under brakes, this could be from air in the lines, slightly seized pistons, pads not completely bed in yet.

I would start with a good bleed. Has the fluid been replaced lately?

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Hi all,thanks for the replies.Anti roll bar ok so even though I didn't think air had entered the system decided to bleed front brakes.On about 20th hard long press to depressurise there was a fairly loud bang and the pedal changed feel.Took car out ,the pulling (and sponginess) had gone and the brakes worked really well . I can only assume pushing the cylinders fully back with the G clamp caused the left hand one to seize /cause a vacuum which didn't release in normal braking.

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