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"A" Service and "B" Service

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Anyone know exactly what is involved in these services?

I have a local mechanic that is fantastic so far w/ my esprit and I want him to do all the work on it that I do not feel like doing, in the next week or two I plan to do some spring cleaning to the car (flush coolant, check everything etc.) I would like to know what Lotus does for the A and B service so I can manually tell my man to do the same checks. (obviously I will have lotus check the timing belt it's free from them) but everything else..


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Do you have the owner's manual? It details the service schedule in there.

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this page may helpclicky

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thanks guys,

this is perfect, let me ask.. do you guys usually do the A service that is recommended or simply DIY and perhaps do the A service once every 15k miles instead of 6k.. 6k seems a little too often to me for what they are doing..

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Hmmm, good luck getting a definitive answer with this one my friend. This is almost as personally subjective as asking what you like best about an Esprit.

For me for example, I do very little maintenance on my 350 myself. The work has almost exclusively been done (very well thank you very much!) at either Sportmotive or Hethel. I personally don't particularly enjoy car maintenance and would rather spend my time doing other things (like driving it). Therefore I don't begrudge the

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Just had A service done

with total radiator flush and brake fluid flush and a few tweaks about 800.00USD

At the two-year interval, I had all the fluids changes (oil, tyranny, coolant, PAS, and brake/clutch fluid) and it ran me $940US at the Lotus dealership.

What I realized is that it is not hard to do these services - if you like to work on cars. For about $300US you can buy all the fluid and spent about 8 hours (or one weekend) working on the lotus.

It does help to have the correct tools


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