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Lotus Sport Sunstrip

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Evening all,

I had a request via PM for this, so thought I'd offer it up in the main forum.  

I've used the Alpine boot logo and created the image in Photoshop.  It's 17k x 2k resolution and requires the curve of the windscreen applied to it via a transformation.  Its best to let whoever you're asking to make the strip do this (I asked Aimee at Lotus Silverstone) to do this transformation.  

Please ensure the colour scheme is set to Adobe RGB in order to ensure accuracy to the original document as other schemes will make the background black lighter (more like a dark grey).  

When you click on the image there is an option on the bottom right to download at 'Original' resolution - please use this one. 

31394041134_4fdd8aea21_b.jpgEvora Windscreen by Simon Cox, on Flickr

How it looks on the car:

32047118402_3d9e0b7df7_b.jpgThe Bridge by Simon Cox, on Flickr

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Upgrade today to remove Google ads and support TLF.

I have found it is no trouble cruising around, but if you are stopped first in line at a traffic light, you do have to hunch down to see the light change.

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I did a try-out using some wide black ductape across the screen. Visibility is still ok (could be better but acceptable).

Now the question, where to find this sunstrip with the evora design. Google didnt help..

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Found a nice solution in my own country. Fellow Lotus driver Bob van Melzen was able to provide me a similar like sunstrip, only in black/grey, not with yellow. 
Anyone else interested, contact him via

Waiting for it to arrive...

Will post photos when installed.


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