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anyone got a spare 907 or 912 motor for sale.

Paul Henning

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John, agreed there was one advertised last year on Craiglist $1500 plus shipping seemed to good to be true, I'm also in touch with Lotus bits who can spec an S1 and sort it...I'm at the tipping point of how much money do i continue to sink into all of us  ha!!!

happy to hear you on the engine




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Paul,  I have a low mileage motor that we pulled from a driving  Automatic Elite .    Has been in our heated shop since,  as a spare for my Éclat .      I have other Elites and parts


 1350 including putting it on a pallet.                                   Google " Cheap shipping"   for some discount brokerage rates on top code here is 35179  Alabama.

Dave Perry                                                                   
    OldSchool Restorations of North Alabama USA              cell    256.507.3328                   8am - 8 pm central time


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Hey Paul,

I just did a quick google search on finding a 907 engine and there are, I would think many to pick from close at hand to you. I sold one to another BC guy a few years back for his Eclat. 

Here is a link to Jensen Healey sports cars and spairs.

These guys are state side and car parts all over here in the US. You could probably get a whole care for $1,500. One just sold in CA for $1,400 !

One of the best places, in the US for used cars and parts, is Hemming motor news.

This is like a Bible monthly publication for cars and parts and is like a good sized phone book in size. It is such a large nation wide publication for finding or helping one restore his auto that I use it as a guide for prices of all makes. 

I am sure you can save some cash here without going using our UK friends for help and paying extra for shipping. There are probably more engines like you want here in the states and close by you than any place else.





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Hi...researching a Talbot Sunbeam engine swap for Lotus.  Looks like the 911 are very rare as i need it, carbs, gearbox and exhaust.  Can any of the above substitute and still be considered a suitable conversion....thanks. 

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Although based on the same basic engine architecture the 911 is substantially different. It has two big long strengthening studs than run through the block that are absent on the 907 & 912. Sump and cams also differ. There are a myriad of differences between 907's depending on spec - esprit 907's have a full face bearing and a cross drilled crank - others have the solid crank and a lubrication channel through the bearing shell (which reduces surface area, increasing load). I've only ever had one 911 engine and I didn't strip it down (I swapped it with Mike Taylor for a 912), so I'm not sure which bearings/crank the sunbeam block used. I wouldnt be surprised if they were full face given the application, but have no direct knowlege - just flagging as an example of the differences that exist in Lotus engines with the same code.

According to lore sumps were sold to match the crank cradle and shouldnt be mixed and matched - not too sure how much faith I would put in that however. An easy solution could be dry sumping an fitting something almost flat to clear the crossmember.

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Don't worry Pete it's not on the way to becoming a coffee table... yet. I made up some odd blanking plates to fit while the block was floating around the workshop. Here's another I made to help marinate the liner joints on my 911 rebuild (can just see the extra long MB studs):



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