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Dyno results : please show yours !

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so  ... here's my report !  yesterday was sunny but chilly, and I arrived after 1,5 hour of travel at the Exigence Racing facilities ... friendly welcome, warm coffee, and the work began. it took

EX370 kit will be fitted tomorrow on my car  ... Can't wait ! I plan to have it dynoed next week-end, on the same rolling road (even though I now know for sure front rollers  cannot be synchronized to

you mean dinos, then,  Bibs  ? I don't like them either  !  

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Results : 375.2hp @6523rpm, 429Nm @ 5089rpm... as I felt it, no difference until 3500/4000 rpm, then torque is better and more constant, but the main difference is after 6,000 rpm, where the power curve continues to climb, until the rev limiter (6800 for IPS), whereas it was falling after 6300 on the stock run !

so a great improvement over the stock values (329.3hp and 423Nm @ 4,136 rpm)  :animier: !

@550superfast : No, EX370 is supposed to give 25hp over the theorical 345hp, but there was something wrong with my car on the first run, with  a flat power curve over 6,000 rpm, cutting off at 6,400 rpm  (see the graph posted earlier) ! Was it due to richen mixture, TCU or something else, I don't know ... 

unfortunately, we didn't have the opportunity to record AFR values...

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I was confused by Hangar 111's website information

Komo-Tec Exige V6 CAI - EX370 - Cold air induction kit and re-map for Exige V6 - increases performance by approx 15bhp. ECU reflash and installation at Hangar 111 workshops.

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Pitty, I missed the tease ? 

Congratulations!!! Sounds like a great result - 375 is pretty much what you can expect from a 380 engine ...

Does the car still feel more powerful after the upgrade excitement has settled in?

Do you now also have to use 98 Octane or higher?

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19 hours ago, geartox said:

well done ! :lol: very interesting upgrade for the cost...


Yes, that's my opinion too :) ! Easy to fit, and a good step forward ... and it doesn't mess up the IPS ! I'll probably add manifolds & sport cat in the future, but I doubt I'd go any further...

as discussed with Dave from H111, it would probably end up around 400hp ( as it is in fact a EX390 with the CF airbox added), which is probably plenty enough for the TCU management and the powerplant !

funnily though, roadster's speed limiter seems to be still on, but is now moved to around 250 kph ...

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@NW76: as said, this is the top end power that is the major gain, indeed ... at 6,000 rpm, the gain is still "only" 25hp compared to the first run, which is what KT is claiming. But the main difference comes after, because the end of the stock curve was not good, whatever was the reason : too rich, TCU or ECU cut off, ... the point is that I've already seen on other dyno graphs such a behaviour, and I wonder why the stock map produces that !

but aside our cars, it's good to know that the Exige is not alone not to produce expected power :P : Sport Auto magazine dynoed the last 4 pots 718 Boxster S, and it only was rated at 325 hp (theorical : 350), which is quite uncommon for P cars ! the day was hot, but the dyno guy said that he noticed a too rich mixture at top end, and said that now all the manufacturers are richening a lot at the top end, to ensure the engines won't break down :ph34r: ! article scan available if need ...

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It might be too rich out of the box ... thats at least what the KT guys said when they customized my EX460 mapping at the Dyno ...

Porsches usually deliver what they promise - at least when I still worked for them more than 15 years ago ? - surprised to read that they failed ... the accountants must have completely taken over ...


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another dyno graph, found on the FB page of a famous french tuner, from an Evora S (same engine), and once again, a lot less power than promised, and once again a quick fall in torque, resulting in a flat power line after 6000rpm ... the tune is impressive though, with 375hp on stock parts !


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