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I am a registered user of the lotusexcel group, but I have had to change my email address when I changed servers and now I get "Forbidden 403" when I enter the name into search.

Does anyone with a bit more savy than me know how I can get back into the group.

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Upgrade today to remove Google ads and support TLF.

Still forbidden Andy.

How do people get on to the web site if all new people are forbidden. It all seems rather strange.

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Sounds like a lot of trouble when we have an excellent Excel section on here?

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On 1/19/2017 at 23:31, andydclements said:

It's being passed to Spav but a suggestion is trying the address rather than any bookmark or similar.

Sorry to say that I am still "forbidden" to access the web page using that address.


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Can't get in either, error 403 or error 404


this is what comes up for me


It means that the website prevented Google from creating a page description, but didn't actually hide the page from Google.

If you own this page you can improve this result either by letting Google read the page to create a good description, or hiding the page entirely from Google Search results. Read below to learn how.


I would like to get access again soon!

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