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Drew Pearce

Oil Pressure / Oil Cooler Replaced

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Hi All

I have an '87 HC Turbo Esprit Dom Carb

Over the Christmas holidays, I replaced my oil cooler and oil cooler hoses

To do this I also removed the engine and fixed a few other issues while I was in the neighbourhood

Now, its all back together, the oil pressure is fine, but the oil pressure light "glows" (doesn't seem fully on)

Using a multi-meter, zero ohms when off, and open circuit when the engine running.

But the light is also glowing when I disconnect from the pressure switch

I am hoping that:-

a) the oil hose is not restriced (say, kink in the line)

b) oil pressure gauge and switch use the same gallery, so I can rely on the gauge reading and not worry about the light

c) that its an electrical issue, and not an actual pressure switch issue

Some advice or suggestion on where to look for problems


Thanks in advance


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If that light is glowing when you disconnect the wired to the switch - that says to me there's a wiring issue - as it's the same wether it's connected or not.

what happens when you ground out the wire ?? Does the light fully illuminate 

Only here once

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Thankfully as you say if the actual oil pressure guage is reading fine due to it luckily been mechanical, then your problem will be the wiring and not the actual switch itself,  Even if you used a much larger oil cooler than o.e it would should still read fine. 

Although your guage reads fine, an oil warning light working correctly is a must on the esprit as its not the cheapest engine to rebuild and that light coming on can save you thousands in expensive rebuilds costs if the pump failed.  

Of memory i think the pressure guage plastic hose runs off the same alloy cover plate housing that the pressure switch is located on ?


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