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Lotus Type 112

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Over the past year or so I have been building a 3D model of the unraced Lotus Type 112.
I plan to feature this in the book I have been writingin my spare time since 2012; tentatively titled "The Chequered Years - The Team Lotus Story 1983-1994).

Please find below a rendering of the 3D model in front of Ketteringham Hall, a superb photo of the hall kindly taken by fellow forum member Jonny Stocken (aka Bravo73).


If you would like to see more images of the car, please let me know and I will post them.
I would particularly appreciate feedback on the livery, as this is just my interpretation on what it could have been if the team had competed in the 1995 season.


Below are the two images of the wind tunnel model which were the only reference I had available when building my model...




Neil White

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Thanks very much for the kind comments.

In answer to your questions, the model was made using the 3D package Solidworks.

it was constructed by creating sketches on various planes and then either extruding them (the rear wing for example) or sweeping between them (the chassis tub) to create solid objects.

The solids were then cut away to create the parts such as the cockpit.

It was initially built up as a half, then once all the details were added, mirrored.

As I only had those two grainy images of the wind tunnel model to refer to, there was a LOT of trial and error to get a shape that looked something like.

I did actually get in touch with Chris Murphy before I started and he very kindly replied, but sadly computer technology has moved on too much since 1995 to be able to access the CAD data he has.



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On 27/01/2017 at 14:36, Buddsy said:

In SolidWorks using surfaces is how the pros do it. I dont find surfaces very easy so use though so opt too for solids and cheat by cutting an extruding.



Nothing wrong with cutting and extruding solids to achieve a desired 3D shape in SolidWorks. You can also loft with both surface and solid. The only advantage a surface gives you in SW is the deform function. Surface modeling in SolidWorks is quite limited but used creatively as Neil has you can achieve some decent compound shapes. You need Its big brother Catia, or even Icem or Alias to do industry standard automotive class A.

Neil your model looks fantastic and the renderings are very cool. SolidWorks is perfect for this sort of visualisation. Great pics. If I had the time I'd do the Type 79 ?



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Thanks for your comments Buddsy and Dixie237

I've used surface modelling in the past, most notably in Rhino when I designed the overcab pod of the current Endeavour model during my time at RS Motorhomes.

Back in 2002-2003 I also created a Rhino model of an Esprit re-design that was the final year major project of my Transport Design degree course:



For my Lotus 112 model, I chose solid lofting in Solidworks as I find it easier and quicker to go back to the sketches that make up the solid for tweaking the shape.

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The main 1995 sponsor would have been Nokia along with the 1994 sponsors namely Miller (who was Phillip Morris's alcoholic drink brand), Loctite, Pepe Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, Hitachi, Shiongi, Meccano and Mobil and the green and yellow was a throwback to the early/mid 1960s when with Jim Clark Lotus would win 2 F1 World titles and a Indy 500 and the team would have been could Nokia Team Lotus

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Wow Neil,


well done!! Definately a costumer when your book is finished!!

The livery of the last few cars simply was beautiful!!

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