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Cheap solution to car storage. Give it to the proprietor of this garage and tell him to put a price on it. Go back in 3 years time and collect your unsold car.    

perhaps , this is the way to play it . they think its worth the money , after a few weeks of disapointment , let it go for 10k ? . Our problem is always gonna be the relative value of an esprit .

I've never bought a car with the objective of making money - only do it coz I love owning a piece of history and really enjoy working on them. You never know, one day I might actually get to drive it!

Very nice but as you say.......:o

About time these Elites and Eclats started getting some serious classic recognition so perhaps with Esprit prices rising so quick the demand will drive the values?

Does look stunning! 

Dave :) 

Do or do not, there is no try! 


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9 hours ago, biggee said:


When a properly restored eclat/elite comes on to the market and sold , we will know there true value . 

I believe, those niche cars have always the value that someone is willing to pay, I think there is no such thing as a 'market price' as for mass production cars.

In Switzerland, a fully restored Elite has sold for CHF 38000.- (£30260.- at current exchange rate). It was sold after advertised for only 2-3 weeks...

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Just depends if you already own one or if you are after one i suppose :)  Elites on the cards for me at some point so i am happy that the prices are going up for the current owners of elites,eclats,and excels, but on the other hand i hope they do not go to mad price wise so it will still be an option for me to purchase one in the future :)

Think all lotus fans are pleased that the models are finally getting the recognition they deserve at last, both in the public eye and financially, but i do not think the cars are at that money yet and not in the distant future either,  hopefully from a personal point from my own case anyway :thumbup:


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I appreciate that these cars have a reputation; are subject by some to the 'oddity' opinion and are now 40 years down the road, but when you consider what they were competing with back in the day and that they were more expensive than a lot of the competition, I think current values are daft.

Decent restoration of one of these cars can cost anywhere from £5-15k upwards, depending on how much you do yourself and what needs doing. These cars cost as much as some houses back in 1974. I wish I could buy a house for £20k nowadays.

When you put it into that sort of context, surely values have to rise. I know I won't be selling mine cheap if I ever decide to sell.

Is the price for that bit in Yen or £?

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If this truly is a 24,000 mile car then it's a high price but not so outrageous. There is nothing to compare it with - literally. Other good examples will have been restored or messed around with in some way, most, as we know, are in a very bad state. if this is "as it left the factory" then, for a collector, it could be worth the money. After all it sports a badge on the back and year of manufacture corresponding the the last world constructors championship win for the Lotus GP team. 

that said, it is an auto :sick:

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11 hours ago, silverfrost said:

Looks like a well kept car,  yes i am sure the current owner thinks its worth it,  but do the potential buyers , At a guess no ! :ermm:

that`s because you are thinking as someone on this forum, advert like this are not aimed at the enthusiast

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hindsight: the science that is never wrong

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