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Burroughs Gauge

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Hi Can anyone hep?

i am looking for a picture of a burroughs gauge in the rest position, i.e not on a cam belt...

Reason is i lent my gauge out (big mistake) and the idiot broke it.... i have managed to fix it again but the dial can go on in a number of positions thus changing the tension on the gauge....

I am hoping that by looking at another gauge i can get a close approximation of the position of the dial with no load. this should get me in the ball park when checking the belt..

Or does anyone know how to calibrate said gauge.... and no puting a spring balance on the arm and pulling does not give any correlation to the 95lbs on the gauge as full scale deflection comes at about 36lbs...


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I have a non-Lotus-branded one and there is a matt-finish marked band on the rim of the plastic disc and at rest the pointer is in the middle of this band.


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Remember that to get 95lbs tension by hanging weights, you need to hang the weights so that only one length of belt, and not the whole loop, supports the weight. I cut an old belt in two and made loops of the ends by rivetting the belt....with steel wire hooks to enable the assembly to be hung up and the weights to attach.

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