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Restoring my Elite 503


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Drove the car first time today well I say that 15 yards out the garage then to find it wouldn't  go into reverse.

I adjusted the clutch but no reverse, so after 4 hours of sweat tears & panic I called Ken the bloke who rebuilt  the gearbox

and he came and had a look thank god. Turns out I had screwed the reversing light switch in too far!! I would of taken 

the engine out before of thinking of that, I hadn't put in gear properly before adjusting the switch... 🤢

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Really nice to see all your progress Simon. An amazing amount of work for sure but then you have something really nice and a worthwhile project. 

I could almost smell the grey primer when I saw your pictures in that stage even though I painted mine many years ago. The Elite even looks good in primer.

It is obvious you are having a good time here. Way cool and the color is also looking mighty nice!

Getting back to changing out the vacuum powered headlamp pods: I changed mine out for the same reasons you mentioned and I used some electric lifts from a Triumph TR8. Worked for me   and I had them on hand from a wreck TR8 I restored back to health. lol

nice to see such loving care you are taking. keep it going.

Thanks for all your pics and for posting your project here. enjoying it a lot from the other side of the pond.


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A while back I made an aluminium bonnet grill to replace the original plastic one, I sent it off to be hard anodized and 

polished to match the rest of the trim. I assembled it today and this is the result, I think its better. I have the drawings if any one wants a copy.

Also has any one got a return spring fitted to there clutch? I need to fit one as mine is rattling if someone could post a picture

of how this addition was done or a sketch I would be grateful.grill2.thumb.jpg.f2cd87ae999577405dad79928c4c44be.jpg



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Hi Simon,

Your new aluminium grill should give your car a real upmarket look!

Do you have the name of the company that carried out the anodising for you?

Some of the window trim on my car is looking rather scratched and ‘cloudy’ and I have been looking in vain for ages for a firm that might be able to carry out some restoration.

Do you think that it might be something that they would be able to undertake?

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17 hours ago, mikeeech said:

That's a really good fit. How did you get the a post trims to sit flat against the windscreen bottom trim?

I took the A post brackets of the car then fitted the A post to bracket. I fitted it as a unit bending the post bracket bit by bit until I got it as I wanted it. I also had ease some of the mounting holes. I got it all to fit so when I glued it no pressure was needed other than to hold it still. The top& bottom trims are on clips I got from LB and SJ. 

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I don't think you can delete anything as its hosted. I think you'll only get a higher limit of you become a member. @Bibs could confirm.

It'll be a real shame if we wern't able to see the final push to completion. :) 

It's getting there......

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