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Fire suppression system

monkey man

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Hi Lukasz

What size is your extinguisher as mine is a tight fit? @Lotusfab has just installed one in a different location as his is a lot fatter than mine - whereas mine is quite long.

Here's my installation - if you click on the picture it should blow up much larger. - you can see where the pipe goes into the engine bay.



The nozzles are one here - blue centre bottom of the picture.


and the other here - pointing at the cam covers.


Run the release to where is best suited for you - Fabian has worked out a better position than mine which is in a really stupid one (through the map pocket.).

I can't give you any details on how I installed it as it was 30 years ago :)  However, the cover over the extinguisher is easily removed  (must be easy if I could do it) and the space underneath is surprisingly large.

What year is your car? It's a black bumper, so pre 1985. We need to see some more pictures - if you are doing some work on your car, maybe start a separate thread for it?



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Here are some photos of mine:


The pull handle is at the back of the driver’s side door (left hand drive and the photo appears to have rotated).  I had to order a pull with longer threads on the handle - I think from Demon Tweaks  


The bottle is on the left hand side of the engine (opposite the battery in my S1). The plumbed bottle is the one close to the bulkhead over the gas tank. The back bottle is just a spare handheld.


The 4 sprayers are 

1) Left rear pointed towards exhaust header (hard to see).

2) Right rear pointed towards the distributor and carbs.

3) Center rear close to the carbs pointed over the distributor.

4) Right side pointed up under air filter towards carbs.


Obviously (?), I’ve never used it. I hope I never do. 

I now how a stock air filter on the car.


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Jim McLeskey Richmond, VA USA

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Just fitted one of these this week in the engine bay: 2mtr


Plus a 50 second firestick fitted by driver seat


and a 2.5 kg powder in passenger footwell.. 


That should cover it.. 


Both links for example only, so you know what i am talking about.

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