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Gearbox small leak

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Dear All,

I have a very small leak on my gearbox which looks like its coming from the Cross shaft where it connects to the main transmission assembly (Please see picture). I believe there are two separate rubber seals in this area ( A082F6423F & A082F6548S). Any advice on whether changing these two seals will resolve this small leak? If so, how big a job is it? 

Thanks in advance and any guidance is greatly appreciated. 


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Nick, if you're keeping the car, may I suggest you stump up for a FFM of TLF? Then you have access to the V8 parts manuals. Also a set of the relevant Lotus Service Notes will be a great help to you, and would have answered your question.

As it is, and unless someone says otherwise, I believe the rear housing has to be removed to change those seals you mention.

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The rear housing is not too difficult to remove in situ.

You would have to drain the fluid.

And you have to be careful not to lose the ball detent and spring  from under the hex cap...

And then you do need to remove the translator rod to replace those seals.




You have to knock out these roll-pins



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Welcome to TLF Nick. :welcome:

You should duck over to the Introductions area and say hi in there as well. :) 

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My front main seal has leaked for 7 years and the translator has never been dry in 17 years. My driveshafts used to be rusty as they were the only dry ones I had ever seen, but one of them is leaking now. I just keep an eye on the level and a small tray under the car catches the fluid.....Kind of like an SR-71 really. I would leave it alone until something fails in the gearbox (likely) and then get the seals sorted at the time. By the way, I have not checked recently, but I think the seals you need are not mentioned in the parts manual. You need B082F6379F and A082F6538S. The parts you mention in your post are the outer dust seals and will have no effect on the leak. Ah the things you get to learn when you live with the same car for nearly twenty years. A bit like the second 'O' ring on the secondary injectors. You don't get to find out about that one until you lose one and fill your cylinders with liquid gasoline.

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