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78 Lotus Elite Project

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Evora NA

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On 4/7/2018 at 01:02, soldave said:

Looking really impressive, and pleased to see you've gone for the air ride too. Purists may scoff, but I like to see people doing what they like with cars, old or new :)

Yeah thanks. It's been a hell of a job putting in the air ride system but It was something I really wanted and it will be worth it in the end. There's always going to be haters, can''t please everyone ha ha. I'm definitely adding my personal touch to this car so there will be more to come once I start doing all the interior etc. 

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2 hours ago, pbharcourt said:

Love it, well done!

Where did you get the rose joint rear track arms?

I wouldn't mind a pair of those:thumbup:

Paul, Mike Taylor at Lotusbits produces a kit (or the full item) which basically cuts the lower link in half and adds an adjuster, suitable for Elite/Éclat and Excel (in slightly different role I believe):

No affiliation to LB but just thought it might help.

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Is the price for that bit in Yen or £?

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1 hour ago, cbclotus said:

Hi Ben .i think I have said it before ....Reablly admire your skills .Well done .Looks fantastic ....Mike

Thanks Mike appreciate it 👍

15 minutes ago, mikeeech said:

Great project... Can this thread be moved to the projects section?

I’m not sure if I can but I’ll look into it. 

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So I've finally brought all the material I need to re upholster the interior, I've made a start a on the carpet, it's a timely job trying to make it all fit nice but I'll get there. The radiator is mounted and the cooling system is nearly finished, just trying to fit new hoses in the cabin for the heater hasn't been easy and waiting on a custom stainless overflow tank/ filling point to be finished being fabricated. 

Most of the wiring is done in the engine bay, I have it turning over but haven't had it fire up yet, having a few wiring issues there. I think one of the carbs needs a recondition also as it's spewing fuel everywhere which ain't ideal. Otherwise it's really taking shape and coming together. Although If I wasn't at sea every other two months working it would be getting done faster. 










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13 hours ago, Straker said:

Looks spectacular, do you have to have a front number plate in NZ

I assume that the moulding in the glove box is for a head unit + a pair of USB outlets?

Thanks, ah yes we do I'm just waiting on a personalised plate to arrive to put on.  

Yes you are correct. 

12 hours ago, jonwat said:

Looks lovely, what colour is that? :respect:

cheers, it's a Nissan metallic red 

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