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Brake Pads

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38 minutes ago, MrD said:

Has anyone tried the pagid RS29 compound?

Not on a Lotus, but I’ve found them to be brilliant on heavier things. (M3’s, Porsches)

They can be noisy, and the do give off dust but it’s very easy to remove and not aggressive. 

I never found the initial bite to be too high, or the pads hard to modulate at different temperatures so I can’t see why they wouldn’t work on the lighter Exige. 


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Thanks Paul.

I've heard nothing but praise through the years for the RS29s on various platforms and forums - the reason I haven't tried them yet is purely the cost and the fact that the PF08 and RC6 are both brilliant.

I might have to take the plunge when my DS2500 run out just to satisfy my curiosity, given of course that I can persuade myself that a 30% more expensive pad can be considerably better that the aforementioned solutions.

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The problem with most of the non OEM pads is the fact they have no spacer which in turn leads to a lack of pad thickness leading to an annoying whistling noise particularly from the rears.

I had performance friction pads which while good for track but were too much trouble for Road. Binned them and went back to Ferrodo 2,500. Far better on road and no real disadvantages on track

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8 hours ago, MrD said:

Is the issue you described particularly for the Lotus application @Tex? I had Rc6, rc8, pf08, ds1.11 and quite a few more on my clio but never had any noise issues as such, brembo caliper.

Presumably so.

The aftermarket pads lack the spacer which seems to stop the noise from the Lotus AP racing callipers. On the PF we tried to adapt them to stop the noise but not very successfully 

May not be an issue on other cars though 

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I just bought some Performance Friction pads from Seriously Lotus after reading recommendations on here. I do a few track-days so I’m hoping for better stopping power. 

Thumbs up to Seriously Lotus though, whenever I order through them the delivery is very quick. 


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