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Some better photos.

Struggling to find much information about the kit online. Emailed BWE (last owners of the 'Locust' car design and presumably this too) and a guy off the website where they have a page of general info about it but no replies so far. 

There are a couple of newer ones on eBay but even those sellers don't seem to know anything about their history. If it's as old as the seller indicated it must be one for the first of its type.

I'd like to find out more about it before I decide if and how to restore it. 




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Not worth starting anything now...🍺

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What a rare and unusual thing that is, just like a baby '7', 

You may be interested in this miniature Bentley, it belongs to a customer of mine, he's now in his 60's but was given it as a present as a child, and regales story's of racing it up and down the lane outside his house. It now resides in his spare bedroom. I tried to buy it off him, but he won't part with it.



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The other modern bodies you can purchase off ebay also, like the landrover, beetle, vw camper and beach buggy etc,  I would love to build one but all my whipper snapper young relatives are to big for these now :(


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Awesome! Neil - I have a 24volt motor and running gear off a mobility scooter - it was used as a go-kart for my kids which they have grown out of - I had 2 110ah leisure batteries (under the seat off a ride on mower!) - it went about 12mph and was great fun. Tried to ebay it a couple of times but now just want rid - I've sold the batteries and kept the seat but if you want any of the gubbins foc let me know - else it's for the skip!

Is the price for that bit in Yen or £?

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Thanks for the offer Ant. I've no idea yet what I need to get it running so I need to do some research and make a plan first.

What's nice is that the body seems to be 100% original and unmolested but it's clear that the electrics have been cobbled about quite a bit over the years to keep it going and there are all kinds of wires, melted choc block and electrical widgets in there including what looks like a home made circuit board..! The motor clearly isn't the original one either and is propped up on blocks of wood. In short, enough PO bodges to confirm it's Lotus inspired heritage...:shock:

If I'm going to avoid electrocuting any small children I reckon the lot needs to come out and be replaced by something better thought through.

Before I pile in I want to try and find out more about it, how rare it is and what's the right thing to do. Sell on as is, get it running but leave the cosmetics alone or fully restore.


Not worth starting anything now...🍺

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