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SOUP - My new series about my Series 2

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George, did you investigate chemical dipping vs blasting?  Years ago  remember reading some discussion about warping damage, but not sure which method it applied to. 

I still have a sandblaster  lying about that I used on  various chassis parts of a non-lotus car , long before I got my Esprit. (which needed no body work thankfully) I find it hard to shed tools and you were wise to part that work out . Of course my compressor being only 2 HP probably was the biggest problem.

Even though my old S2 is long gone to its current owner I will be following your current project with familial interest. Great stuff  !!! . Keep up the good work!

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Did of course try and sort chemical dip. It's not readily available in Ireland though. I say not readily available - there are big chemical tanks here being used to strip even bigger stuff than my chassis every day of the week, as part of the hot dip galvanising process. I made more than a few phone calls trying to convince galvanisers to dip my chassis [without galvanising] but all said no. 

Prob is you have to have another tank or specialist area to wash down the item after dipping to neutralise the chemical strippers. I asked why no one in the galvanising industry here has invested in the extra area so that they could capitalise on diversifying into the stripping market. Simple answer was it might cost €150k to make provision for that work, and you'd be a long time seeing that investment back.

I would have been blasting you heard could warp steel Bob, as Andy was saying in the video, too much heat and/or pressure can stretch the metal if blasting isn't done correctly. 

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