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S4s temperature control cable broken

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5 hours ago, Chillidoggy said:

If the LHD mirrors the RHD car, then from the control, it will curl over to your passenger side, then disappear behind the heater casing before emerging on the opposite side in the vicinity of the Ranco valve.

Yes it does curl over the passenger side, which is a bit surprising as I think it could have gone directly to the heater valve but there must be a reason (maybe they just didn't have a proper tool to cut it? :D). As for the heater valve side the photo I posted on the second page shows how it passes before the heater matrix towards the Ranco valve.

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  • 5 months later...

So, yesterday I decided to address that issue, so I removed the things in front of the heater matrix again. I managed to access the 7mm hex screw to release the Ranco valve control cable with not too much trouble (the hardest part is that you need a very short 7mm span otherwise there is not much room to rotate it ... ! Luckily I found one that fitted after struggling a quite bit with a longer one and the 9mm under to secure the mount — in the end I unscrewed it just with the 7mm spanner, it was not that tight ^^)

Anyway, the control cable is out, there is only an inch still screwed on the rotary button side. I can see it through the radio player hole which is removed but that is still a bit tiny to operate a spanner. Probably doable, but ... most probably tedious.

So, is it easy to remove the two remaining parts under the radio aperture? I have just seen that there is a single screw pointing up in the tray at the left of the cigar lighter (#9) but I am not too sure about the middle panel with the control knobs. It looks like the whole #15 frame needs to be removed? (screws #19 under the leather?! Screws #30 accessible from the lower hole after removal? What would be the best way to do that? Maybe it's just less hassle to put the control cable through the radio aperture only, I am not too sure ... Any hint appreciated, thanks in advance!


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PS: I hope I won't have to remove and source a valve replacement but purely out of interest (for now :D ) when one needs to access the valve through the foot well the pedal box needs to be removed, doesn't it? I had a quick look a few days ago and I can barely see anything ... ?! It looks more doable from the front boot actually, I can see two bolts pretty well, but of course I suspect there are another pair on the other side ...) 

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4 hours ago, Giniw said:

Apparently it doesn't. Or maybe it's already empty.

 (any idea/hint for the rotary controls panel removal? I haven't looked at it yet, it may be obvious)

Yes, but I’m getting tucked into beer, so PM me tomorrow.*

*Not too loudly.

Margate Exotics.

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Right, the control cable is now connected at both ends, the knobs operate the valve smoothly ... (I didn't have time to put the ventilation back though and I didn't start the car, so I still don't know whether the valve is actually working.)

For those wondering the control cable screw to the knob side appears to be a 1/4" hex screw (or 6.5?!) and the part with the hole for the cable a 7mm one (or a SAE size close to 7, I don't know). The valve side is 7mm & 9mm.

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