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Mystery Lotus Seven in Australia


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Hello, I've come across a Seven in Australia that's listed as a 1973 Lotus Super Seven, but is registered as a 1988 Lotus Super Seven. Obviously the Sevens were being built by Caterham in the '80s, and so far as I can tell Lotus stopped building the S3 Seven in 1970 to build the S4 version. As this appears to me to be an S3 car, I'm assuming it must be a Caterham? The chassis number is listed as "62815" if that's of any help.


I'm hoping one of you might be able to shed some light on what the car is exactly, it's an obvious red flag that it's listed as a 1973 car but registered as a 1988 car, but I'd like to figure out exactly what it is before I decide whether to proceed or walk away. There is a very limited supply of Sevens in Australia!


Thanks for your time







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Welcome to TLF Ben. :welcome:

I can't help with your questions as I don't know that much about the 7's. Someone will be along that can help from the UK shortly. It is quite possible that the registration dept has mucked up the rego date. Wouldn't be the first time that I had seen this. Have you asked the current owner?

So are you English living in Australia? (your flag)

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Welcome to TLF, hard to say for sure with that car but assume it's s Caterham unless proven otherwise. I don't know of a list of Lotus Seven chassis numbers but you could try Andy Graham at the factory but would have to pay for this. Not much, I think the most basic search is £40 or thereabouts.

Lotus or not it looks like a lot of fun either way!

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@Guy Munday is an expert is this area, he'll know for sure I would have thought :)

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Hi Ben,

Welcome to the forum!

I'm not sure what the car is but I do know what it isn't!

It's definitely not a Lotus Seven and it's definitely not a Caterham Seven.

It's not a Caterham chassis, suspension, dashboard/instruments, pedals, steering column. It does, however, have the correct KN Jupiter wheels that would've been fitted to a 1988 Caterham.

The chassis number also doesn't fit any of the various possible permutations from 1988 that will always included both letters and numbers.

I'm not that great at identifying the replicas, of which there are several, but this will be one of them.

My view is that it will be of modest value here in the UK and no doubt a bit of fun but it will never pass as a Lotus or a Caterham.


I've attached a couple of images of a Lotus Seven S3 that show the shape of the transmission tunnel and the suspension design for starters.

I hope this helps - you are more than welcome to contact me if you need further help with authentication of a car but, personally, I wouldn't proceed with this one.

Good luck!




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Thanks for this! It's exactly what I was looking for. I've messaged the owner to tell him it's not an original Lotus/Caterham and that I'm not interested, then never heard back. I'll just have to keep hunting for a real one!

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Hi Ben. If its any good to you I now of an original S4 here in the UK. A known car, all original and with only 12,000 miles on the clock. Priced at 14,500 UK

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